Actors Access Plus grants you unlimited Self Submissions and sides downloads for up to 24 projects per day from Showfax but if you have chosen to cancel your subscription follow the steps below.

Canceling your Actors Access Plus subscription 

1) To begin, login to your Actors Access account

2) Once you've logged in, go to "My Tools" and scroll down to "My Account."

3) Next, look at the lower right side of the page where you can see your plan details under "Membership & Billing." 

4) Click "Cancel Membership." You can also remove your payment information by clicking "Remove."

When Canceling your Membership, you will also be reminded of the benefits that will be lost when canceling. If you would still prefer to cancel your subscription, click "Yes, Cancel my Membership."

5) A new window will then appear allowing you to share feedback with us. To leave feedback, input your notes into the available space and hit "Submit" or "Cancel Membership Without Feedback" if you would prefer not to leave any.

Your subscription will be valid until the date displayed under "Next Billing Date" or "Expiration Date."


Next Steps: