Q: What can I do with the Actors Access app?

A: You are able to view roles fit for you, and receive notifications when new roles that match your profile are posted. In addition, if you are an Actors Access PLUS member, you are able to directly submit to an unlimited number of roles.

Q: Can I submit to roles as a Guest?

A: No. In order to submit to a role using the Actors Access app, you need to sign up for an Actors Access PLUS subscription.

Q: Can I pay per submission?

A: Submissions made through the Actors Access iOS app require a current Actors Access PLUS membership. 

Q: Can I use my SAG-AFTRA membership ID to get a discount on the monthly price?

A: The SAG-AFTRA discount is currently only available on the annual membership. You can sign up for the yearly membership at actorsaccess.com

Q: Will I get push notifications when I get an audition?

A: No. Push notifications are currently only offered for role matching purposes. Cmail notifications regarding auditions, callbacks, and more must be managed through actorsaccess.com

Q: Is the Actors Access app available on Android?

A: It is not currently.

Q: Can I upload new media for a particular role I’ve been matched for?

A: The Actors Access app allows you to submit your previously uploaded media, but it does not allow you to upload new media. Any changes or additions to your media will need to be made on actorsaccess.com