The Actors Access App for iOS is a quick and convenient way for Actors to look at new roles that match their profile! The App also allows you to submit to projects, as well as view and respond to audition invitations. 

The Actors Access App can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

Receiving Role Match Notifications through the App


You have the option to receive notifications via the Actors Access App when a new role that matches your profile is released. Roles are matched to your Actors Access profile by three main criteria: Age Range (to play), Ethnic Appearance, and Gender (to play). 


If needed, this information can be updated by clicking on the “my tools” tab and selecting “manage my profile”, then “about me”.

On this page, you can view or update your "Age Range (to play)", "Ethnic Appearance", and "Gender (to play)", as well as fill out other "General Details".


Notifications also rely on your location. To input your location, click on the “my tools” tab, and then select “my account”.

At the bottom left of your screen, under the “Breakdowns” heading, you can select your Primary Region.

After these three profile criteria are filled out and your Primary Region is selected, you will receive notifications whenever a new role that matches your profile has been released!


Submitting to Roles through the App

To submit to a Breakdown through the Actors Access App, simply select a project. 

Then, tap the role you wish to submit to!

Next, select your photo, performance media (if any), and indicate whether or not you want to include your Size Card. Then, just tap “Submit” to finalize the submission!

An Actors Access PLUS membership is required to submit through the App. If you are not currently a member, you will then be prompted to upgrade your account. To do so, click on the button labeled “$9.99” to subscribe to our monthly Actors Access PLUS membership for iOS.

Responding to In-Person Auditions through the App


To view your in-person audition invitations, tap the “Auditions” tab at the bottom right of your home screen.

There, you will see a list of any new or pending in-person audition requests. 

If you click into your audition, you can view the role description, any additional audition instructions, and the audition time and location. You can then confirm the appointment, mark yourself as unavailable, or request to reschedule!

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