In this tutorial, you will learn how to respond to a Breakdown Services' Eco Cast invitation.

Responding to an Eco Cast Invitation 

1) When a Casting Director wants to receive a self-taped video audition of your client(s), you will receive an Eco Cast invitation. To find it, first navigate to the top tool bar and click, "Auditions" > "Eco Casts" > "Current." 

Note: The Eco Cast invitation can also be accessed via your cMail inbox.

2) Next, click into the invitation from the list of current Eco Casts.

3) You will see an option to "Accept" or "Decline" the Eco Cast invitation underneath Invitation Status. 

Please note, Casting may select security features that will prevent you from opening Sides and audition material. Files may be unavailable to view until the Actor has confirmed/accepted the invitation, or the Casting Director may have selected to only allow Actors to open files in their Actors Access account. Security features will be listed under the file name on the invitation.

If you choose to "Accept," then this indicates that your client plans to send in their self-tape. This notification is sent to Casting. If you choose to "Decline," then you will be asked to provide a reason for the decline which will be sent to Casting. As long as the invitation is still active, you may click on the "Reverse Decline" option if your client suddenly becomes able to self-tape.

4) You can then forward the Actor the invitation. To do so check the box then click, "Preview and Forward Selected."

5) From this page, you can select whether the Actor can directly submit their tape - or if you would like them to send the media back to you for review before forwarding to the Casting Director. You are also able to include a message to Talent, edit the instructions from the Casting Director, or set an earlier deadline. Once you're finished, hit "Send."

Uploading Media to the Invitation

If you already have the media, you can upload to Casting directly for the Actor.

1) Click "Upload Media" to open the upload tool. 

2) Then click "Browse" to select the audition media file from wherever you have it saved on your computer. It will immediately start uploading. 

  • Click the red X  if you attach the wrong file and need to stop the upload.

  • Feel free to attach multiple files.

  • Each file can be up to 1GB in size, but be aware that large files will take longer to upload.

  • All standard video, audio, and photo files as well as PDFs are accepted. 

  • Once fully uploaded, the progress bar will change to indicate the processing status.

3) When each file completes processing: 

  •  Click "Play" to review the audition and ensure that the video/audio quality is adequate.

  • Then click "Browse" to attach more files, then click "Next."

Reviewing and Sending the Media to the Casting Director

1) If an Actor has submitted their media to you for review first, you will get a cMail message. Click "View Eco Cast Invitation" to take you to the pending Eco Cast.

2) If you click the gear wheel you can play, rename, or, click "Retake" if you'd like the Actor to send another tape.

3) If you have uploaded the file yourself, you also have the option to click "Remove."

4) You can click and drag the media to change the order in which they appear.

5) Next, click "Enter Notes" to submit notes to the Casting Director. When you've finished, check off the Actor and then click, "Submit to Casting."

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