New Video/Audio

When uploading new video content there is a $22/minute (or fraction thereof) fee. This means that you will be charged $22 for each minute (or fraction of a minute) of your video.

When uploading new audio content there is an $11/minute (or fraction thereof) fee. This means you will be charged $11 for each minute (or fraction of a minute) of your audio.

There is a 4 second grace period for both audio and video uploads at the top of each minute.

For example, a video file that is up to 1:04 long will cost $22 to upload, whereas a video that is 1:05 - 2:04 minutes long will cost $44, and so on.

Removing Video/Audio

When video or audio is removed from your profile it will go to the bottom of your Media page in the "Inactive" section. This means it is only visible to you and is not viewable by any Casting Directors or Talent Representatives. You will always have the option to make inactive media viewable again by clicking the "Restore Video" or "Restore Audio" button.

Replacing Video/Audio

Performance media cannot be replaced on your profile. You can remove an old file (as seen above), but any new media will need to be uploaded as such and will be subject to the charges applicable.

Creating Clips

We suggest splitting reels into individual clips. Casting Directors have repeatedly stated that they prefer clips rather than demo reels. 

Clips allow you and your Talent Representatives to submit only the clip(s) that apply to the role to which you are submitting. This will also save you money in the future as you will not need to routinely update a demo reel and re-upload it every time you wish to add a new clip. You will be able to simply upload the clip and pay for just that footage.  

You can use the "Create Clips" option in the "Manage Media" section of your account to break up your existing reel into clips at no charge. For more information on how to create clips, please read our instructions on Managing Existing Audio/Video here.

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