An Open Call allows your clients to send in an Eco Cast self-tape to Casting and bypass the submission stage. In order to submit to an Open Call, the Casting Director will need to provide the project’s Open Call Link. Then you can choose to submit clients by going to the Open Call Link and logging in.

How to Respond to an Open Call 

1) Click on the Open Call Link. The role will be on the right side. Log into your Breakdown Express account on the left side. 

2) You will now be directed to the Open Call posting in your Breakdown Express account. Scroll down and select an Actor by clicking the check-box next to the Actor's name.

3) Once you are finished making your selections, scroll down to the bottom of the Open Call page and click on the "continue" button in red. 

4) This will redirect you to your Eco Cast invitation for this Open Call. You can now forward this invitation to your client and upload the audition media to submit like any other Eco Cast Invitation. For more information on responding to Eco Cast Invitations see this article.

Next Steps: