Once you have picked the Actors that you're interested in, you can print hard copies of your selected submissions to keep on hand to view during your auditions.

Printing Selected Submissions for All Roles 

1) On your project's submissions page, click the gear wheel icon and then the "Print Selected" button.

2) On the Print Selected pop-up window, choose how you would like to filter/sort your selected submissions and the information you would like to print. Click "Next"

        - Filter by Agency: Allows you to filter your selected submissions by a specific Agency or "All Agencies".

        - Sort Selections by: Allows you to sort your chosen submissions by "Role" or "Agency".

        - Include: Check the information you would like to print for each selected submission. 

        - Filter Selections: By default, all of the numbers that you have picked for the submissions will already be checked. Uncheck any number that you don't want to print.

3) Use the scroll bar on the right side of the pop-up window to review the information that is to be printed and then click "Print"

4) On the Print pop-up window, review your print settings and make any necessary changes. Click "Print". 

Note - The style and functions of this window will vary depending on the web browser and operating system you are using.

Printing Selected Submissions for a Single Role

1) On your role's selected submissions page, expand the Selected (#1-6) tab and click the "Print Selected" button. 

2) Follow Steps 2 - 4 listed above from the "Printing Selected Submissions for All Roles" section.

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