Once you've selected the submissions that you are interested in, you can email digital copies of your selected submissions to your director, producer or other collaborators.

Forwarding Selected Submissions for All Roles

1) On your project's submissions page, select the gear wheel iconand then the "Forward Selected" button. 

2) On the Forward Selected pop-up window, choose the submission information you'd like to include in the email and select "Continue".

        Page Type: Selecting "Rich-Media" will give the recipient the capability to view the Actor's resume, photo, media reel and SlateShot. Selecting "Thumbnails Only" will only showcase the actor's headshot for the recipient to view. 

        - Include: Check the "Show Agency Information" if you would like for the representation name to appear in the Actor's profile. 

        - Filter Selections: By default, all of the numbers that you have selected for the submissions will already be checked. Uncheck any selection number that you don't want to include in the email. 

3) Next, enter the recipient's email address and compose your message. Select "Send Email" to send the email to your collaborator. 

        - Preview: Clicking the  icon will allow you to view how the submissions are presented before you send the email.

Forwarding Selected Submissions for a Single Role

1) Choose the role then the number of Actors in your Selected column.

2) On your role's submissions page, select the Selected (#1-6) tab on the left sidebar and click the "Forward Selected" button. 

3) Follow Steps 2 & 3 listed above from the "Forwarding Selected Submissions for All Roles" section. 

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