If you feel like an Actor may be better suited for a different role than what they previously submitted for, you can move or copy that Actor to another role by using the Move/Copy feature. 

Moving/Copying an Actor to Another Role

1) Go into your role's submissions page and select the  button for the Actor you would like to move/copy to a different role.

2) Next, in the Move/Copy pop-up window, choose whether you want to "move" or "copy" the Actor to the new role, and then select the new role and "select" the number you would like to give them. Click the "Save" button to send the Actor to the new role. 

        - Move Actor: Selecting this will allow you to completely remove the Actor from the role they initially submitted for and place them in the newly designated role.

        - Copy Actor to New Role: Selecting this will allow you to copy the Actor into the new role without removing the actor from the role they initially submitted for.  

        - "Select Role": Select the new role that you would like to Move/Copy the Actor to from this drop-down menu. 

Note: The drop-down menu will always indicate the role this Actor was originally submitted for with an asterisk and the roles that the actor has already submitted to will be grayed out.

        -Choose a number to mark the Actor as "selected" for the new role.. 

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