In this tutorial, you will learn how to purchase new media for your clients. This is required when adding SlateShots, videos, audio files, and photos to your clients' profiles.

Adding Items to the Cart

Any new media uploads for your clients, including photos, performance video or audio, or SlateShots, must be completed through the cart. This includes uploads that would be free.

For instruction on how to upload the various media types, see the following articles:    

The Cart

1) To view your cart, go to the top right hand corner of the page and click the cart icon button. If you have any items pending, you will see a number next to the word "cart."

2) Once you're inside the cart, you'll see all of your client's media files that have yet to be purchased or completed. 

Note: If you have multiple clients with items that need to be finalized, you will see the cart divided up by each client's name and items associated with them. 

3) To remove an item from your cart, click the "Remove," button.

4) To add an item to your cart, click "Add Items."

5) You also have the choice to add a SlateShot to a pending photo. Keep in mind you're only allowed five total free SlateShots to distribute among all of your clientsAny additional SlateShot after that is $5 USD each.

Once you've uploaded a SlateShot for your photo, it will appear under your photo in the cart. 

6) Click "Proceed to Checkout."

7) Once you proceed to the checkout, you will be prompted to enter in your credit card information to finish the payment process. After you're done, you can "Place Order," to complete the order.

Breakdown of Purchasing Media

Below is a table that outlines the one time fees for uploading media.  

Note: The "Can Swap?" portion of the table refers to removing an item, and attempting to replace it with another item to act as an exchange.

Photos$10 USD/ photo2 per clientFree Photos Only
Performance Videos$22 USD / minuteNoneNo
Performance Audio$11 USD / minuteNoneNo
SlateShot$5 USD5 total for all clientsNo

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