Welcome to Breakdown Services! This quick start guide will show you how to view submissions, schedule auditions, request self tapes, and more! 


If you have not yet received your login information or would like more detailed information about posting your first Breakdown and getting started, click here


Viewing Your Submissions


Once your Breakdown has been posted, you will be able to view and “Select” the Actors in order to move to the next step, scheduling auditions or requesting self tapes.


 1) From your Current Projects page, click on the title of the project you want to view.


2) Click on the character name to see who has submitted. “Unviewed" indicates the total number of new Actors you have not viewed.


It is also possible to attach sides to your Breakdown at this stage, for more information click here.

3) When you see an actor who would like to move forward with click on one of the number seen below their headshot. This allows you to add the selected actors for an Audition Schedule or request a Self Tape.


Please note that assigning numbers also allows you to group the actors based on any criteria of your choice.


For more detailed information on viewing and selecting your submissions click here.


Scheduling Actors for In-Person Auditions


1) Once you’ve selected your Actors, you can set up an in-person or virtual audition. To begin, click on the proper project title on your Projects Page, then go to “Schedules” in the menu bar and select “Create Audition” for in-person auditions or "Create Eco Cast Live Audition" for virtual auditions.


2) Set up the schedule by selecting the date, the start time and end time. The time zone will automatically be updated to the Actor's location. Then choose how you wish the Actors to be scheduled.  When you have completed the form click Create Schedule” on the bottom right.


3) Your selected Actors now appear in the "Working Schedule" on the left. On the right is “Available Talent” – these actors are not currently scheduled. If you would like to add them to your schedule, use the "Move" button to assign them to a time slot.


4) Once you're happy with the schedule, click “Create Notification” on the menu bar to invite actors to the audition. 



5) A new window will then appear allowing you to create your notification.  This is also where you provide specific audition instructions and a location. You can also attach your sides at this stage.

For more detailed information on scheduling your Actors for auditions click here



Requesting Self Tape Auditions


1) Another method to audition Actors is to request self-tapes through Eco Cast. To begin, locate "Eco Cast" in the header and select “Start New.”


2) Create a new Eco Cast and use the "By Role” option to bring the selected Actors from the Breakdown into the Eco Cast. Select “Continue to Details Page” to move to the next step. 


 3) Check off individual Actors in the Eco Cast, or “Select all Actors.” Then click “Create Invitation” to enter the self-taping instructions and attach the sides. For more detailed information about inviting your Actors to an Eco Cast, click here.


Please note: You will not be notified when an Actor has submitted a self-tape to Eco Cast. You have to regularly check the website to see this information. For more information on how to view Eco Cast audition tapes, click here.


Creating and Sending Sides 


1) With our Create Sides feature, you can create and edit sides from your script to distribute to the invited Actors. Start by clicking “Create Sides” in the header.


2) Upload your script and the system will extract the roles and scenes from the script, so you can choose the specific scene or scenes and mark them up digitally. For more information on creating and distributing sides click here



Note that creating Sides in the Sides Creator does not automatically distribute them to the actors who will be auditioning.


Contacting Actors Through CMail


1) CMail is the internal messaging system in Breakdown Express. This is your way of communicating with the Actor prior to casting them for the role. From your submission page, click on any of the blue icons to view the Actor's profile. 


The "Send CMail" option will be on the top right corner. 


2) Title the subject then type in your message. Below you can select the option to allow recipients to reply. When you're ready to send, click the "Send Message" button.

 Please note: There is no exchange of personal contact with the Actor before they have been cast for the role. This is a violation of our terms of service and will result in the suspension of your account. For more detailed information on how to message your Actors, click here



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