In this tutorial, you will learn the specific steps for going through new Breakdowns and submitting your clients for roles.

Submitting Clients to Roles

1) When you sign into your account, the first thing you'll see are the Breakdowns posted by Casting Directors. The most recently released Breakdowns are displayed at the top.

2) You can optionally apply specific filters such as age, ethnicity, and gender when searching for a Breakdown by clicking, "Show More Options." 

3) Click into a Breakdown, If you have applied any filters, all the roles that match that filter will be highlighted.  


  • This will include the roles being auditioned, a description of the roles and any other instructions or general information about the production.

4) When you have a role that you want to include in your submissions, click on the name of the role. This will go into a new page with a set of search options.

5) You can narrow down your search by adding a first or last name as well as searching by actor ID. Further down, you can also search through your roster by gender, age range, ethnic appearance, or Union Affiliation. The "Auto-fill," feature will generate the criteria that the role specifically calls for. This means only gender, age range, and ethnic appearance. Click Search once you have entered your filtering criteria.

Note: Only the actors whose profiles display that specific criteria will be displayed. 

If you click "Advanced Search," you can access additional search and filter options, including hair, eyes, athletic endeavors, performance skills, accents, fluent languages, and disabilities.

You can also restrict the search to a specific folder. More about folders here.

6) On this page, select the Actors you'd like to submit by clicking the check-mark symbol on the Actor's profile. You can adjust the submission by clicking "Submission Options."

7) In "Submission Options," you can:

  • Choose which photo appears in your client's profile when it is submitted and include Performance Media. You can also choose to include their size card if it's available.

  • Leave up to five notes (or a default note) about the Actor if you have anything you need to clarify or inform to the Casting Director when you submit. Once one is saved there will be a "Saved Notes," button to view and use them in the upper-right of the notes field.

There is also a “Last Note Submitted,” button that appears once you have included a note with your submission. 

  • When you're done, click "Add to Submission," to add the information to your client's profile when submitting.

8) When you've made your selections and are finished, click "Done with Role," to proceed.

9) If your selected clients have Performance Media available but you haven't included any, you will be prompted to check the media you want to include in the submissions, then click "I am finished."

10) Repeat steps 4-9 for any additional roles you want to submit on this Breakdown.

11) After you've finished, click "Preview Submitted," to look at how your submissions will appear when sent to the Casting Director. You can click on the role again to make any adjustments you need.

12) When you're satisfied with your submissions, click "Submit Electronically," to send out your clients to the Casting Director to be considered for the role.

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