You can now add custom Actors to an Eco Cast self tape audition, and send them an invitation to their email, even if they do not yet have an active profile in our system.

To add custom Actors to an in-person audition schedule or Eco Cast Live audition schedule, visit CASTING: How to Invite Custom Actors to a Scheduled Audition through Email

Add Custom Actors To An Eco Cast

1) Log in to your Breakdown Express account, and click on Eco Casts My Eco Casts.

If you have not yet created an Eco Cast, see How to Create and Navigate Eco Casts for further instructions.

2) Click on the Title of the Eco Cast you would like to add the Actor to. 

3) Click +Add Actors.

4) Enter the Actor’s name, then click Search.

5) Click the Actor’s name under Search Results on the left hand side.

6) If none of the existing profiles are the correct profile for this Actor, select Add as Custom under NONE OF THE ABOVE.

7) Enter the Actor’s Email (required to send an Eco Cast Invitation) and Phone (optional).

8) Select the Breakdown you want to add the Actor to, from the drop down menu below.

9) Select the correct Role from the next dropdown menu.

10) Select Click to Add. This will add the Custom Actor to your Eco Cast.

Send Custom Actors An Eco Cast Invitation

1) Once you have added a Custom Actor to an Eco Cast, Scroll through the Attached Actors tab to find the Actor (or Search the Actor Name under Filters), then click the checkmark next to the Actor’s Profile, in order to select them.

2) Select Create Invitation under With Selected.

3) Select an Invitation from the dropdown menu.

Select Create New if you would like to set up a new invitation, instead of adding the Actor to an existing invitation.

4) Select InviteAn invitation will be sent to the email address you provided for the Custom Actor.

Note: If you haven’t previously entered an email address for this Actor, you will now be prompted to include one. An email address is required to send them the self-tape invitation.

5) Click Continue to close the notification pane.

6) If the Actor does not receive an invitation email, or you sent the invitation to the wrong email, scroll through the Attached Actors tab to find the Actor (or Search the Actor Name under Filters), click on the Actor’s profile, then click Resend.

7) Edit the Email, if necessary, then select Send. A new copy of the invitation will be emailed to the Actor.

8) Click OK to close the notification pane.

To see the steps the Actor will take when they receive the email invitation, visit ACTORS: How to Respond to Emailed Audition Requests.

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