We know how important it is for you to share audition information with your Client’s Team (the Agent, Manager, Parent, Publicist, etc.). Now you can do so easily within your Breakdown Express account.

Use this feature to:

  • Notify everyone on the Client’s Team at the same time

  • Avoid scheduling conflicts

  • Have conversations about specific roles & projects

  • Strategize the best opportunities for the Client

  • Allow everyone to make informed decisions

Add Team Contacts For Your Clients

1) Log in to your Breakdown Express Account.


2) Go to ”Clients” > “Manage Clients.”

3) Click on the Client’s name.

4) Under “Add Contacts,” add the names and email addresses of the Team Members.

5) Choose the Team Member’s relationship to the Client in the “Relationship” drop down menu.


6) Specify if each Team Member should be sent emails directly or bcc’ed.

7) Click “Save” to save this Contact.

If you wish to delete the Contact, click the “Remove” button.

8) To add another Contact, click “Add New.” Repeat steps 4-7 as necessary to add multiple Contacts for the Client.

Share Audition Details With Client’s Team

Once you have added contact information for your Client’s team, you can share Audition information with them.

1) Click on your Auditions tab.

2) Click on the Audition you wish to share.

3) Click “Share Audition Information.”

4) From here you can edit or remove existing contacts and add new contacts, if needed.

5) Check the box next to the team member(s) you wish to contact, then click “Email.”

6a) If you are on a Mac, you may be asked to choose a Mail account provider. Select the Mail account provider that you want to send the email from, then click “Continue.”

6b)  If you are using Windows, you will be asked how you want to open the email. Select the email program or application that you want to send the email from, then click “OK.”

If you select a browser, you may then be asked to pick a specific email application. Choose the application that you habitually use to view and send emails, then click “Open Link.”

6c)  If you are on a phone or device, you will be asked to Open in “Mail” (or the default app you use for email on your phone or device). Click “Open.”

7) This will generate an email, using your preferred email program. The email will   contain all of the audition information, be automatically addressed to the Client’s Team, and use your email address as the Sender. You will be able to edit any of this information, before sending the email.

Note: Sides or other supplemental audition materials attached to the invitation will not be forwarded. These materials can only be forwarded to the Actor, via Actors Access, due to security restrictions.

If you would like to switch to a different application to open the email, you will need to change the default app for email in your browser and/or operating system settings.

There are variations between browsers and operating systems, consult user support for your specific browser and/or system, if you cannot find these settings.

Next Steps: