Your Actors Access account provides you with two FREE photos that you can update as often as you like, without paying a fee. When you’re ready to revise or swap one of your FREE photos, remove it and upload another.

Additional photos, beyond the two FREE slots, are priced at $10 per photo. PAID photos cannot be swapped or revised. To replace a PAID photo, remove the photo and purchase another. You may restore a PAID photo from your “Removed Photos” section at any time.

Replacing Free Photos

To swap out either of your FREE photo slots:

  1. Log in to your Actors Access account.

  1. Go to the Photos section of your account. 

3. You will see tabs listing your Actors Access Profile as well as your Talent Representatives. Think of these tabs as folders for photos. It allows you to have different photos assigned to different Talent Representatives.

Your current FREE Photos will be marked as "FREE" in the upper left corner of the photo. Once you’ve identified the FREE Photo you would like to replace, click on the “Manage Photo” button.

4. A new window will open, this allows you to choose “Remove from Actors Access” or “Remove from All Agencies.” The first option will only remove it from the Actors Access photo tab, while the latter will remove it from your Talent Representatives’ tabs as well.

5. Once you have removed your FREE Photo, its Free Space will become available again.You can click on Add New Photo” to upload its replacement at no cost. Select the Representation tab(s) that show at least 1 "Free Photos Remaining." 

See the article How to Add Photos to Your Profile for more detailed instructions on this step.

6. Once you’ve uploaded the new Photo to your cart you will find there is no charge to add it to your account. 

Please Note that you will only be able to upload a new FREE Photo to a tab with an available Free Space.

Be sure to remove any pending Photos in your cart, before beginning this process. A Free space will not be available, if there is already a photo in your cart before you remove one of your current FREE Photos.

Your new FREE Photo will now be available on your account.

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