Talent Link is designed to give Actors seeking representation the opportunity to reach a wide audience of Talent Representatives. Talent Link as a service provides Agents and Managers an opportunity to discover new clients. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to register for Talent Link through your Actors Access account.

Registering for Talent Link

1) Once logged into your Actors Access account, go to the SERVICES tab found in your navigation bar, and click the Talent link button.

On the Talent Link Registration page, there are three steps to setting up your Talent Link profile– Selecting your Location (and the type of representation you’re looking for), your Photo, and Media

2) Location Select the Location(s) of your choice. By selecting the Location, additional options will expand, allowing you to then select the type of Representation or Management you are looking for. If unspecified, check Any. You can otherwise select or exclude as many options as needed. 

If registering for multiple locations, you have the option to select different Representation type(s) in each.

3) Photo - Select a Photo from your profile. Talent Representatives browsing Talent Link will have the option to view any additional photos on your profile, but the photo you select here will act as a first impression. 

If you don’t yet have any photos on your profile, see How to Add Photos to Your Profile for assistance in uploading your first 2 free photos. 


If registering for multiple locations, you will have the option to select a different photo for each.

4) Media Select the Media you wish to include on your Talent Link profile by checking the box to the left of the thumbnail. To include all Media on your Actors Access profile, click Select All. 

If you don’t yet have any performance media on your profile, see How To Add New Performance Media to Your Actors Access Account for assistance in uploading your first clips. 

If you're registering for multiple regions, the Media selected will be shared to both locations. Media cannot be selected independently for each location, as in the case of Photos.

5) Once you have completed your selections, click Next. This will open a dialogue box with a summary of your choices. 

6) Click Confirm to continue.

7) Your Talent Link purchase will then be added to your cart. If you need further guidance on checking out, see How to Use the Cart.

Once the purchase is finalized, your Talent Link is made immediately available to Talent Representatives. Talent Representatives can view your profile including your photos, resume and selected media for 14 days. Your purchase will not auto-renew. 

Talent Link is non-refundable and not a guarantee of representation.

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