History of New Features for Casting Directors

These are the latest software updates and improvements to the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: help@breakdownservices.com

Released 6/5/24

  • Casting Directors and Collaborators using Safari MacOS devices are prevented from starting or joining Eco Cast Live sessions.

Released 6/4/24

  • The fields to change Casting Directors' passwords on the Preferences page now have the same maximum length.
  • Cloned Breakdowns on the external Breakdown form now use the current Casting Company name, not the name entered on the original Breakdown.
  • The character limit on the pay rate field of the external Breakdown form has been increased to 600 characters.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The first time opening the "Invite to Eco Cast" modal from submission checkmarks now displays with the correct layout.

Released 5/28/24

  • The "Size Card Request" option has been removed from the generic "Compose CMail" page (it is still available when sending CMails from submissions).
  • Bug Fix:
    • Casting Directors can now fully remove sides from an Eco Cast invitation.
    • Casting  no longer has to choose the Talent Representative to receive an scheduled audition invite for a CDS Actor twice; the first selection now sticks.

Released 5/16/24

  • Bug Fix:
    • Unreleased Breakdowns within a Project no longer appear as options when creating a new Eco Cast.
    • The Casting Form field errors no longer erase the Additional Project Info field in the External Form.

Released 4/16/24

  • The "allow replies" toggle switch on CMail now moves to the left when it is turned off.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When sending audition notifications for auditions that contain Casting Director Select (CDS) Actors, the "Create Invitation" modal no longer opens the homepage the first time you try.
    • Casting Directors can now use Actor Search to change a submission from one rep who did submit to another rep who only chose the Actor for submission but didn't actually submit them.
    • Changing the photo of a Custom Actor in Eco Cast no longer removes any photos from pasted instances of that Actor in other Eco Casts.

Released 3/20/24

  • Bug Fix:
    • Cloned Breakdowns from the External Breakdown form no longer erase the gender selections.
    • Photos are now displaying in the Actor Search results in Eco Cast.

Released 3/8/24

  • Bug Fix:
    • The Video tab on the tabbed profile in Actor Search results now opens correctly.
    • When adding private notes on the tabbed resume, the save button activates as soon as you make an edit (no date stamp required).
    • When a Casting Director self-releases a Breakdown, the system no longer prevents the de-selection of LA and NY regions.

Released 2/13/24

  • The Sent CMail Recipients column is now including both the Talent Representative who received the message as well as the names of the Actors it was regarding for audition notifications as well as basic CMail messages. This only affects future messages, not anything that was sent before this change.
  • The Toronto office mailing address has been removed from the Contact Us pages.
  • Casting users with Basic Actor Search can now access the Actor History star from the search results.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The clipping tool in Eco Cast no longer throws an error when clipping audio files.
    • When a collaborator leaves thumbs up on an Eco Cast Presentation it is no longer be attributed to the Casting Company.
    • When creating an Eco Cast from a role in which all selected Actors were moved from a different role you can now check the boxes to choose their select numbers.

Released 1/17/24

  • There is a new User Interface for Sending CMails that now eliminates the "CMail loop". Yhe modal now covers up the "send CMail" button.  
  • The Eco Cast Live tips text has been updated to remove the reference to not changing Casting Directors' audio input, as that is now supported.

Released 12/21/23

  • The sort options on Submissions have been revised.  The existing "Random" option has been renamed to "Profile Completeness" and it now takes the inclusion of a photo, resume, and general details (as well as video and SlateShots) into consideration for determining order.  Additionally, we have added a new, true "Random" option that displays the submissions in a randomized order with no qualifiers.  "Profile Completeness" will remain the default option for new accounts, but can be changed in the Preferences page.

Released 12/19/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • The  errors causing a white page when sending CMails to multiple Actors in Eco Cast, or not allowing you to choose a TR to receive the CMail, have been fixed.

Released 11/21/23

  • Citizenship information is hidden from displaying on Actors' tabbed profile Size Card.
  • Messaging buttons from the gear menu is removed on Breakdowns.

Released 11/8/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • The Saving a CMail reply to drafts no longer erases the recipient when the message is sent.

Released 11/2/23

  • Casting Directors who can self-release Breakdowns can now also choose Actors Access regions to release the Breakdown.
  • When a Breakdown is published, the Casting Director will be sent the email notification immediately rather than during the scheduled email blasts at 7am, 11am, and 3pm.
  • The "How do I Post Sides" button has been removed from the external Breakdown form login page.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The tabbed profile of Actors for Casting is now correctly displaying the newly defined default photo rather than old default photo.
    • The returns in Casting Notes in Eco Cast are no longer being stripped.

Released 10/18/23

  • There is a new optional email field for Custom Actors in Eco Cast allowing Casting to invite those Actors via an email address (they must log in or register on Actors Access before they can respond).

Released 10/2/23

  • You can now resend invitations to Collaborators in Eco Cast Live sessions.
  • There is a new "Recipients" column in Casting Director's CMail page.
  • Some UI refinements for Basic and Limited Actor Search have been applied.
  • More of each media title is visible in the "sort" window in Eco Cast.
  • Minor Trust Account, Child Work Permit, and Citizenship info has been hidden from displaying on Size Cards visible to Casting Directors.

Released 9/28/23

  • A default sort preference for Eco Cast media has been added.

Released 9/20/23

  • For Casting and Collaborator participants in Eco Cast Live there is a new Options modal allowing them to change their camera and audio inputs.
  • For Casting and Collaborator participants in Eco Cast Live they can now hide their own camera from self-view while still broadcasting their video to others.

Released 8/23/23

  • Hyperlinks in top-level menu navigation are removed and expand on hover or tap.
  • There is now an option to view or edit attached sides when adding Actors to existing invitation via submission checkmarks 

Released 8/10/23

  • The Eco Cast Live badge in the header now shows as inactive once all sessions today have been started or have passed.
  • In Eco Casts created for Eco Cast Live sessions, the filter option for "Eco Cast Live Status" has been removed.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When sharing selects via email, the photos tab is now loading correctly for the recipient.

Released 8/4/23

  • The rules and Access tiers for Actor Search have been revised

Released 7/18/23

  • The labeling for the preference regarding default sort order of submissions has been revised for clarity.
  • In Eco Casts created for Eco Cast Live sessions, the filter option for "Eco Cast Live Status" has been removed.

Released 5/30/23

  • A new User Interface for creating a new Eco Cast has been applied, including the ability to create an EC from multiple Breakdowns on a Project.
  • The gender options have been added to the version of Actor Search used by E-Talenta customers.
  • A new pop-up window has been added for CDs to alert them when a Project has been linked to a Studio, resulting in previously created Eco Casts being shared, and allowing them to choose to not share those Eco Casts.

Released 5/22/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • The list of ethnic appearances on the external Breakdown form are now alphabetical.
    • Custom Actors in an Eco Cast no longer break the printing of size cards within Eco Cast.

Released 5/3/23

  • The text describing Talent Link on breakdownservices.com was updated to include the Southeast region.
  • Text wrapping rules were revised on breakdownservices.com.
  • A new filter was added to the Eco Cast Details Page for "Not Invited" to show the Actors who have not yet been invited to self-tape.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Quotes in production personnel on the External Breakdown Form no longer erasing all production personnel
    • Cloned Breakdown from the External Breakdown Form no longer erase the gender selections on the roles.

Released 4/13/23

  • The Union filter on submissions no longer has the "ACTRA Apprentice" and "UBCP/ACTRA Apprentice" options, and instead when the user filters by "ACTRA" or "UBCP/ACTRA" they will see both the full and apprentice members of that union.

Released 4/4/23

  • The Contact Us forms now clear after sending and the success banner persists for longer to curtail the duplicated support emails.
  • Various minor User Interface tweaks were made to the pages on breakdownservices.com.
  • Two old, unused pages on breakdownservices.com have been deprecated.
  • When clicking the link to register for Talent Link on breakdownservices.com, the user is now redirected to the TL registration page after logging in.

Released 3/14/23

  • All Casting Offices will now have a limited form of Actor Search and be able to search and add only represented Actors to submissions, schedules, and lists.  Any office who previously had Actor Search turned on will not see any change to their search functionality.
  • Any historical Casting Offices that only ever posted hard-copy Breakdowns have Actor Search turned off.
  • Logging has been added to Actor Search to better inform us how the feature is being used.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Opening a previously created role on the external breakdown form no longer triggers the auto-fill which was overwriting any custom written physical description.
    • A typo on the Breadkownservices.com Forgot Password page was fixed.

Released 2/22/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • In Eco Cast Presentations, under Viewing History, opened links no longer have an "unopened" tag on them.
    • If inviting the same Casting Director Select Actor to a schedule for more than one role and the same Talent Representative Company, the prompt to choose which Representative to send the CMail too applies to all instances and does not throw an error.
    • In Actor Search, the "Non-US State" checkbox is wrapping appropriately.
    • The Collaborator login and registration pages now have the correctly sized Breakdown Express logo.
    • Moving a submission to a different role once again properly and completely moves them to the new role.

Released 1/13/23

  • Images and documents uploaded to Actors as audition media are now included with the "download all media" option on the presentation.
  • The new gender options now appear on the External Breakdown form and the auto-fill feature has been updated to use the new rules.
  • On all new Eco Cast default presentations, the Download Media permission is now off.
  • Bug Fix:
    • In Eco Cast Live, if a Collaborator is made session runner and tries to watch a recorded take they are no longer kicked out of the session.

Released 12/13/22 

  • The look and styling when attaching Sides to roles and auditions has been slightly upgraded.
  • The address for the NY Office has been updated on the Contact Us pages.
  • Media uploaded to an Eco-Cast will now display in the order uploaded, not alphabetical, until a user manually re-orders them.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Submission Notes are once again displaying in the tabbed resume.
    • Yahoo and AOL email addresses can be used on the Contact Us forms again.

Released 11/16/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • After editing an Actor's role in an Open Call Eco Cast, the modal window properly closes and the page refreshes.
    • Actors who have confirmed their Eco Cast invitation are being treated as "already invited" when you invite more Actors to that invitation.
    • Adding a set of sides to an additional role in Firefox via the modal works again.

Released 11/9/22 

  • The process of choosing "selects" on submissions now saves faster and indicates when you have clicked the number.
  • The standard audio thumbnail is now displaying on audio files on an Eco Cast Presentation.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When deleting sides from an Eco Cast invitation the Update Notification button no longer remains active after notifying the Actors.

Released 10/27/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Adding a set of sides to an additional role in Firefox via the modal works again.
    • Actors who have confirmed their Eco Cast invitation are being treated as "already invited" when inviting more Actors to that invitation.
    • Changing an Actor's role in an Eco Cast Open Call now properly closes the modal window.

Released 10/25/22 

  • When Casting sends a follow-up message regarding an Eco Cast invitation, it will only send to the submitting user (rep or Actor, not both)
  • Bug Fix:
    • The issue causing additional schedules for unrelated projects to appear in the calendar for some Casting Directors has been fixed.

Released 9/25/22 

  • The gender options in Actors Search have been updated to reflect the new options.
  • The Actor's gender has been removed from the Eco Cast Presentation Size Card.

Released 8/30/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • The correct timezone now displays when editing the deadline of an existing Eco Cast Open Call.

Released 8/23/22 

  • A Captcha check has been added to the guest login on the External Breakdown form.
  • The "What's New" link in the post-login header now takes you to the updated Feature History page on Freshdesk.
  • All references to the Blog have been removed from Breakdown Express.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Uploading a photo to custom Actor in a schedule works again.
    • Instructions for a cancelled Eco Cast Invitation no longer extend outside the instructions box.
    • The bulk role change feature in Eco Cast no longer causes presentations to duplicate on each Actor.
    • The Resume Breakdown feature in the External Breakdown form no longer links you to the wrong Breakdown.

Released 7/26/22 

  • The text in the success banner when uploaded secure sides for the first time has been corrected.
  • A new user interface for the post-login header has been added.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Casting can now attach sides with security options to self-tape invitations in Eco Casts that are not linked to any Breakdown.

Released 7/6/22 

  • When a TR or Actor replies to a sent CMail, all active users at the Casting Company will be notified, not just the user that sent the original message.

Released 6/7/22 

  • All PDF documents uploaded to Secure Sides will include our branding on them. 
  • Bug Fix:
    • Copying and pasting Actors from a Shared or Managed Eco Cast will now paste correctly.
    • The settings for newly-uploaded documents in Secure Sides no longer carry over into other previously-uploaded files.
    • Text wrapping has been corrected on the New Eco Cast page.
    • The New Eco Cast page no longer loses its selections if there are form entry errors.

Released 4/12/22 

  • Bug Fix: 
    • The size card is now properly included when that option is selected when printing the Quicksheet.

Released 4/7/22 

  • Adds the option for Casting Directors to upload and share sides and other instructional materials directly to all types of audition invitations through Breakdown Express.

Released 2/10/22 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Timeout errors when creating sides with many pages has been fixed.

Released 2/9/22 

  • The address for our NY office has been updated.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Follow up messages to Actors invited to an Eco Cast no longer include deleted Actors.

    • Casting Directors can now remain on an Actor's one-page resume overnight without having to re-login the next day.

Released 1/25/22 

  • Bug Fix:

    • If a Breakdown with schedules is assigned to a new project, the fact that there are multiple projects in a single schedule will no longer break the page.

    • New Eco Cast > By Role will no longer include Custom Actors (which should be hidden).

    • Eco Cast invitations that have been submitted by the Actor but are being reviewed by the Talent Representative now show in the correct status to Casting.

Released 12/21/21 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Fixes a bug in Eco Cast Live that made the Session Runner appear as Reader to Casting and Collaborators in Chemistry Reads.

    • Fixes a bug in Eco Cast that did not have the Video preview for Casting and Collaborators as mirrored.

    • Fixes a bug in the Quicksheet that gave a Casting Director an error if they tried to print the Quicksheet with size cards.

Released 12/7/21 

  • Collaborators and Chemistry Reads for Eco Cast Live will be turned on by default.

  • On the Eco Cast Details page, the "Invite to Eco Cast" button has been changed to "Create Invitation".

  • The Eco Cast Invitation statuses have been revised to be "Invited" (formerly "Sent"), "Not Confirmed" (formerly "Opened"), "Confirmed", "Submitted" (formerly "Received"), and "Declined".

Released 11/11/21 

  • Commercial Agent categories have been hidden from the Address Book list. 

  • The minimum requirements for Eco Cast Live is iOS 13 on Apple products.

  • Eco Cast Presentations have been rearranged to ensure that video thumbnails are visible on the page when Eco Cast Presentations are viewed on a smaller screen.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Creating an Eco Cast Presentation from the details page now copies the settings from the Default Presentation.

Released 11/2/21 

  • Casting has a new "confirmed" filter in their Eco Cast Details Page.

Released 10/28/21

  • Once the user logs in, a new "Contact Us" menu item on the headers can be clicked to direct the user to the chat, email form, phone contacts, and FAQ page.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Video thumbnails now display properly on Eco Cast Presentations.

Released 10/4/21 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Chrome users can now download Eco Cast Desktop correctly.

    • Collaborators can now log in from breakdownservices.com.

    • Eco Cast Presentations now display video thumbnails correctly.

    • If a Collaborator in an Eco Cast Live logs out in another tab they are now forced to log back in to continue to take part in the ECL.

Released 9/23/21 

  • Working schedules now always display the submitting Agent name, not the covering Agent.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Casting Directors will no longer see an error message when viewing a resume or feedback for Custom Actors in Eco Cast Presentations.

    • Updating or adding Casting Company logos now appears correctly wherever the logo is seen.

Released 9/22/21 

  • Casting Directors can now send messages to Actors in the Waiting Room or Audition Room of an Eco Cast Live and allow Actors to respond.

  • Casting Directors can choose to conduct Chemistry Reads on Eco Cast Live without a Reader.

  • The control bar in Eco Cast Live is now white.

Released 7/27/21 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Users no longer have to click "Create Notification" twice on a schedule for the window to stay open.

    • When searching for a specific Actor in an Eco Cast their Actor Card on the right side now displays correct information.

    • Single column entries in the resume no longer display as Headers on the Eco Cast Presentation.

    • The Logo uploader editing tool now works more smoothly.

    • The asterisk that indicates original role in the Move/Copy feature is now indicating the correct role after moving a submission.

    • Previous Breakdown titles (that are not linked to a Project) will no longer trigger the duplicate Project title error on the external Breakdown form.

    • Eco Casts with only Performance Media are now included in Actor History.

    • The download button on photos in Eco CastC Presentations now downloads that image, not the one in the preview window.

Released 7/20/21 

  • A tooltip on Eco Cast Presentation titles now display the full title.

  • Bug Fix:

    • The Agency filter on submissions can be changed back to “all agencies” after filtering on one.

    • When viewing submissions by Agency the “clear filters” button now properly resets all filters.

    • Downloading images from an Eco Cast Presentation now downloads the full size printable version of that photo.

    • Collaborator links for Eco Cast Live that give an “invalid” error message have been Fix.

    • The Add Actor window in Eco Cast is now properly considering middle name in the search results.

    • The Add Actor window in Scheduling is once again producing results when searching on first and last name.

Released 7/7/21

  • Bug Fix:

    • The login input fields remain within their container on Firefox.

Released 6/16/21

  • The length of time before time-out has been extended when saving sides in sides creator.

  • On Eco Cast Presentation resumes, the label “Resume Comments” has been changed to “Professional Biography”.

  • Schedule and Eco Cast Live invitations now display the Casting Company as the sender, not the Casting User.

  • In Eco Cast Live, after the Actor has been dismissed or the session has been ended, the system test options do not display to the user in their dismissal pages.

  • In Eco Cast Live, links that cannot be interacted with no longer change the cursor when moused over.

  • The address to the Toronto office has been updated on breakdownservices.com.

  • The color of the button to join an Eco Cast Live as a Collaborator has been changed to turquoise.

  • Bug Fix:

    • The mixed content error some Chrome users experience when downloading sides from the sides creator has been Fix.

    • Casting can no longer add Actors manually to a schedule through an Agency that has no active users.

    • A couple loopholes that were allowing actively scheduled Actors to have their selection moved to another representative have been closed.

    • Previously released Breakdowns will no longer disappear from Talent Representative Lists.

Released 5/05/21

  • The Video ID Numbers have been removed from Zip Folders after they are downloaded.

  • A checked option has been added to the Filter on the Submissions page.

  • The Eco Cast Character limit for Eco Cast Title has been increased to 75 characters.

  • A Clear Button has been added to the Casting Director Filter on the Submissions page.

Released 4/20/21


  • Changes to Eco Cast
    • The text in Presentations has been revised.
    • Eco Cast Presentations URLs have changed to HTTPS.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The names of some Casting Directors are being blocked by the videos of other Casting Directors when using Tile View in Safari.
    • Some Actors' names are appearing in quotes on Eco Cast Live.
    • Eco Cast invitations for Actors have been sent to disabled Covering Agents.
    • Sometimes right side videos will disappear in Eco Cast Live if there are two Actors in the room and the session runner assigns their position to someone else.

Released 4/8/21


  • Bug Fix: 
    • When creating or editing an Eco Cast Open Call invitation, the layout of the modal window is now working correctly.
    • In Eco Cast Live, the “three dot,” menu to be able to change the Reader or Session Runner is now accessible when in sidebar view.
    • In Eco Cast Live, if you only have one Actor “On Deck,” or “In the Room” the group actions for Chemistry Reads are no longer visible.
    • A specific workflow that was preventing a Casting Director user from fully re-joining an Eco Cast Live session after a refresh has been Fix.
    • A specific workflow that was removing a Collaborator from Eco Cast Live who had been made Session Runner and then played back a recording has been Fix.

Released 3/3/21

  • Eco Cast Live Improvements including: 

    • Auto-mute all collaborators while recording takes.

    • Simple one-button action that adds the function of mute-all to the record button.

    • Smart audio indicators show which participants are talking.

    • A pop up alert quickly communicates a status change to all collaborators that alerts all collaborators if the Session Runner or Reader changes and if an Actor has been sent to the Waiting Room.

    • A number of behind-the-scenes fixes to ensure stronger connections for all attendees.

Released 3/1/21

  • The Eco Cast Details page has a new filter for Presentations, including a “NONE” option so everyone who has not yet been shared in a Custom Presentation can be visible.

  • When an Actor’s only listed representation is inactive or disabled, they will now appear in the search results under their Actors Access profile.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Staying logged in overnight no longer expires the Eco Cast Presentation authentication.

    • The Schedule calendar now shows the correct Project filter selections, which matches the calendar.

    • Disability and Assistive Device selections no longer displaying in the tabbed resume skills when Casting view’s Actor profiles.

Released 12/3/20

  • A “Test Now,” button has been added to test the browser, Operating System, and connection speed to the Eco Cast Live servers.  This will also signify if the Operating System or browser is out of date and provides an accurate measurement of their speed.

    • Visible in the  on the schedule day page: click the blue “Eco Cast Live Tips and System Requirements,” text to open a modal with includes the “Test Now,” button. on the working schedule page, click the same “Eco Cast Live Tips and System Requirements,” text and on initial Eco Cast Live page before starting or joining the session.

Released 12/2/20

  • Bug Fix: 

    • In Eco Cast Live, the Casting Users can now click the entire area around a recorded take to play it back, not just the thumbnail.

    • If an Eco Cast Live schedule or callback is moved to a new day and/or time, the session resets so it can be started again.

    • Custom URL names in Eco Cast Presentations are no longer shared between Casting Companies.

    • The filter on location now persists when navigating to additional pages of submissions.

    • The invitation for an Eco Cast Live Collaborator now displays the Casting Company name as the sender, not “Breakdown Services.”

Released 11/24/20

  •  Bug Fix: 

    • Eco Cast Live sync issues have been fixed.

Released 11/18/20

  • A Time Zone selector has been added to the schedule creation form and display schedules in local time.

  •  Bug Fix: 

    • The issue with a limit on the number of actors who can be invited into an Eco Cast is resolved.

Released 9/30/20

  • Open Call deadlines can now be the same day as long as time is set in the future.

  • After duplicating presentations, you'll be navigated to the new presentation.

  • The + sign has been changed to ADD for new recipients in the Share modal for Presentations.

  • "What's New" has been added to Casting Header.

  • Ability to add Open Call Instructions document to all Open Calls added.

  • Ability to use Enter/Return key to initiate Actor Search added.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Venue is once again a required field for all Theatre-type projects on External Breakdown Form.

    • Uploading landscape photo to Eco Cast no longer prompting an error message.

    • Actor Search results next/previous buttons at bottom of page won't persist filter.

    • Error Uploading to a Limited Eco Cast resolved.

    • Issue with"Locked" Eco Casts breaking column layout in Archived and All views Fix.

Released 9/24/20

  • The New User Email has been updated.

  • When viewing selected submissions, "selected (#1-6)" sidebar will now be expanded by default

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Audition Media filter now resets properly on refresh in Firefox.

    • The name is now clickable on the EC Presentation when sorting by anything except by group.

    • Pasting actors into an Eco Cast after they are deleted from the source will now include their media.

Released 8/26/20

  • Bug Fix:

    • Changing a breakdown/project role name will no longer duplicate Eco Cast role names.

    • Issue with Open Call deadlines always saving in Pacific time resolved.

    • Scroll location will now be saved upon refresh in an Eco Cast.

    • Can now add actor directly to another session without the role being added previously.

Released 7/15/20

  • When adding an actor to an Eco Cast Live Schedule after the session has begun, a modal will appear prompting to refresh Eco Cast Live for the actor to appear in the list on the left.

  • If there are multiple people sharing login credentials for an account, once one person starts the Eco Cast Live session, another user will not be able to also join it.

  • Legal marks have been removed throughout the site.

  • Bug Fix:

    • The “Add Attachments,” button no longer disappears after 5 attachments for Eco Cast Open Calls.

    • cMail notification emails now show the correct count of unread cMails and a text spacing issue was also addressed.

    • In Eco Cast, actors with a single ‘ in their name can now be added as a Custom Actor even when there is a match with the name in the database.

    • Custom Actors in Eco Cast can now have names with more than 4 words.

Released 7/14/20

  • After searching for actors, the search results page now includes a filter for “represented,” or “not represented” actors.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors can now be added to a schedule via search, even if the Talent Representative selected but never submitted that actor to the Breakdown.

    • Images on the first page of the PDF will no longer hinder the Sides Creator.

    • On the External Breakdown Form, logging in as a guest and then switches to logging in as an existing user no longer removes the Project Fields.

Released 7/13/20

  • Official release of Eco Cast Live. Casting Directors are now able to create live remote audition schedules for the Actors.

  • Multiple takes can be recorded that will all be linked to linked Eco Cast for viewing and/or creating a Presentation.

Released 5/14/20

  • Returns added to Casting Notes now display on the Eco Cast Presentation.

  • Bug Fix:

    • When entering feedback on an Eco Cast Presentation, it no longer skips to the next actor when you save the feedback.

    • Photos uploaded manually to Eco Cast will not rotate 90 degrees or change their aspect ratio.

Released 5/5/20

  • Actor History for Casting Directors now includes upcoming schedules.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue creating a first list from an Active List now fixed.

Released 4/29/20

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue with saving your changes on the Preferences page has been resolved.

    • Searching by "Non US State" in Actor Search now works as expected.

    • Actor Search in Schedules now works just like the new general Actor Search.

    • Photos now upload to Eco Cast correctly. 

Released 4/7/20

  • Bulk Change Role has been added to Eco Casts.

  • Actor Search criteria has been changed.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Actor Removal Banner that was not closed by the user no longer appearing in other schedules. 

Released 3/25/20

  • Bug Fix:

    • When creating Custom Presentations, the circle check boxes to add actors to that presentation now appear without having to click an actor first.

    • Ability to “Request Eco Cast” from submissions or a schedule now appear with only 1 actor checked.

Released 3/19/20

  • Bug Fix:

    • When a CDs “checks” the same Actor submitted for the same Role by different Talent Reps, the system will now allow only one of those profiles to have an active check-mark. 

    • The Breakdown Express logo in the header now redirects to homepage again.

Released 3/5/20

  • An indication has been added as to which actors are unable to receive an invitation when adding actors to an Eco Cast though check-marks.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Photo choice will now be saved in Actor Search results or Active List.

    • Issue with long role names in Eco Cast has been resolved.

    • Removing an actor after adding another one, will longer disable Update Notification Button.

    • The story-line is now appears on the preview for all Breakdowns.

    • The time will no longer skew three hours in Schedule Add Actor for East Coast users.

    • No longer allowing to move actors in an Eco cast to a role they're already in.

Released 1/29/20

  • Added filter by State/Province on Submissions.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Photo choice will now be saved in Actor Search results or Active List.

    • Removing an actor after adding another one,  will no longer disable Update Notification Button.

Released 1/21/20

  • Bug Fix:

    • Role Filter no longer disappear from Available Talent after actors are moved in.

    • Internal Label field should is required and helper text included when using check-marks to invite to Eco Cast.

Released 11/19/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue adding actors to the same invitation twice has been resolved.

    • Private Notes in Schedules no longer auto-erasing and printing correctly. 

    • Filtering by Address Book Lists will no longer reverse on second page.

    • All required fields for all projects will now be displayed for Guest Users.

    • Breakdown Clones no longer missing role descriptions.

    • Selection resections no longer triggering across breakdowns.

Released 11/7/19

  • Revised "Notice," text in compose cMail text for Basic cMail.

  • Custom Actors isolated to schedule and quick-sheet.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors submitted to a different casting director will no longer show in search results for Breakdowns under the same Project.

Released 11/5/19

  • Added Instagram to pre-login to header on Breakdown Express.

  • Clickable area expanded for ABC Ranking within Eco Cast.

  • Bug Fix:

    • External Breakdown Form no longer adding spaces before optional personnel fields. 

    • "Checked," count now performing as usual upon refresh. 

Released 10/10/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • Creating a Presentation from "Group," issue has been resolved.

    • "Save Role & Edit Next," will now work on External Breakdown Form.

Released 9/18/19

  • Added Knowledge Base link to menu bar.

  • All instance of "resume," to include two accents.

  • Bug Fix:

    • A message now alerting you when trying to view Archived Eco Casts Presentations.

Released 9/11/19

  • The "Wardrobe Date," field is now above the "Start Date," field for Commercial-type Projects, and that carries over to the published Breakdown.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Custom Actors in a scheduled created by one Casting Director are no longer visible as Custom Actors in a schedule for a different Casting Director linked to the same Project.

Released 9/4/19

  • The full Projects page will be retained after achieving an individual Breakdown.

  • Scroll position will be saved when navigating from submissions.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with names with special characters not displaying in Eco Cast and Scheduling searches has been Fix.

    • Middle name now being considered in both Eco Cast and Scheduling searches.

Released 8/14/19

  • Added optional "Usage," field to External Breakdown Form for "Internet Projects."

  • The character limit for Pay Rate field has been increased.

  • Replaced header on Eco Cast pages.

Released 8/2/19

  • A confirmation prompt has been added when sharing an Eco Cast presentation with the studio, to prevent accidental sharing. 

Released 8/5/19

  • An option has been added to make Eco Casts for studio projects private.

  • On the External Breakdown Form special characters /, &, and , are now allowed in Job Titles.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Hidden media will no longer play in the Eco Cast Presentation view. 

    • Scheduled actors won't be “Unselected” or “Unassigned" if  another submitted Instance of the same actor is selected.

Released 7/30/19

  • Scroll positions saved Project Summary page for navigating back and forth from the submissions.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with spacebar in Presentations, pausing/unpausing has been resolved.

Released 7/23/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • The Performance Media link for actors pasted into an Eco cast with more than 300+ actors, will no longer be lost.

Released 7/17/19

  • Actor History is now integrated with one-page resume view.

  • Added a label to Eco Cast Invitations. 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Add Actor search in Schedules issue with finding the correct rep resolved.

    • Schedule history with history prior to release fixed.

    • No longer auto-checking actors of 300+ while the page loads.

Released 6/3/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • Spacebar pause issue with Eco Cast media has been resolved.

Released 5/30/19

  • Added "Viewed," indication to List of Submitting Agencies. 

  • The submission address is no longer on the Breakdown.

Released 5/30/19

  • Change Log/Notes history has now been added to schedules.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue regarding adding notes to custom actors in Eco Cast has been Fix.

    • Actors with just performance media will no longer be excluded of a Presentation filtered by Group.

    • New line issue in External Form resolved.

Released 5/15/19

  • Change Log/Notes history has now been added to schedules.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue regarding adding notes to custom actors in Eco Cast has been Fix.

Released 4/23/19

  • Actor history has now been added to submission filters.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Next/Previous numbering on one page submission view has been corrected.

Released 4/16/19

  • All icons and links to and from Kabookit have been removed.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Actors with group media will now appear when the option is checked.

    • Adding a custom actor into a time-slot will no longer display incorrect times.

Released 4/3/19

  • Added the ability for actors to be added a new invitation in an Eco Cast if the current invitation is closed. That includes if an invitation for a specific actor has the status of "received," or "declined," and deadline on that invitation has passed.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue loading Managed Eco Casts corrected.

Released 3/14/19

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Fix the issue of strange characters displaying in the submission notes within an Eco Cast.

Released 3/1/19

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue with media playing within Limited Eco Casts resolved.

    • Southeast Asian and North African now able to be selected when clicking "Do not specify."

    • Managed Eco casts now working as expected.

Released 2/20/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • Fix checks from submissions page not working with more than 300 actors.

    • Physical characteristics field in the New Role section of the External Breakdown form will now clear when adding multiple roles to the Breakdown.

Released 2/7/19

  • Studio projects now always display with the top level folder name appended.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with "Add Breakdown," button not being greyed out after Breakdowns are linked on a schedule has been resolved.

Released 1/29/19

  • Updates made to the legend of the submission. 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Breakdowns within a Project now display by release date, not alphabetically.

Released 1/23/19

  • Bug Fix:

    • Eco Cast invitations will now being sent to the proper Covering Agent. 

    • Issue changing the role of custom Actor in Eco Cast to a role occupied by another custom Actor has been resolved.

    • Long names in invited Actors list in Eco Cast Invitations tab will no longer cause status to shift to next line.

    • Actors submitted on Archived Breakdowns can now be added to the Eco Cast.

Released 12/17/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors with no active representation now able to be added to schedules and Eco Casts.

    • Quicksheets videos will now playing as expected.

    • Eco Casts titles will no longer appear twice in Print Log.

Released 11/6/18

  • Default Actor History now shows,  "Past Year."

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with PDFs not uploading to the Sides Creator has been resolved.

    • Adding actor to a role from Actor Search Active List has been fixed.

Released 10/10/18

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Scheduling "View Existing" will no longer load all sessions rather than just the chosen Breakdown/Project.

Released 8/16/18

  • Implemented the ability to create an Eco Cast from a List.

  • Added the ability to search across multiple roles in a breakdown or project.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Role names on the Role Details Page will no appear in the same order as on the Breakdown.

    • External video playback issue has been resolved.

Released 8/7/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors who only have Performance Media are now displayed in an Eco Cast Presentation with the "Show Actors with Media Only" setting on.

Released 7/12/18

  • Included the option to hide the list of breakdowns included in the current session. 

  • Adjusted the opacity of the watermark on sides.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors who only have Performance Media are now displayed in an Eco Cast Presentation with the "Show Actors with Media Only" setting on.

    • Improved Actor Search function.

Released 7/3/18

  • Enhanced features of the site including

    • Breakdowns released as a Guest will now be tied to the appropriate "New" CD account.

    • Changed "delete time slot" button to "delete audition session."

  • Bug Fix:

    • Fix an issue that caused the filters to not display Available Talent in Callbacks with Size Cards.

Released 6/13/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Group Videos will now be able to be copied to the clipboard and pasted to another Eco Cast.

    • Issue with Calendar View being saved as default Fix.

Released 6/5/18

  • General improvements and bug fixes to Quicksheets.

  • Added a green Eco Cast icon to actor's history.

  • Implemented the "Manage Media," option for Group Media.

Released 6/1/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with selecting "With Media Only" causing the Print Log to not load has been Fix.

Released 5/31/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Available Talent filters no longer resetting and losing scroll location.

    • Presentation/print settings are now being reflected in the Print Log correctly.

Released 5/17/18

  • Fix the issue of strange characters displaying in the submission notes within an Eco Cast.

  • Issue resolved that was displaying notes from actor on Eco Cast Presentations.

Released 5/10/18

  • New Users now required to attach ID to first submitted Breakdown. 

  • Ability to Add / Remove actors from custom presentation.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Check-boxes now appearing on print log for Eco Cast and schedule.

Released 5/4/18

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue on the Eco Cast Presentation Link where photos/other media would not display correctly has been resolved.

Released 5/4/18

  • Added the ability to print Size Cards for All Actors in Schedule, Eco Cast, and Quick sheet.  

Released 5/2/18

  • Added a new link to the Eco Cast(s) that actor is currently in on the submission page. 

  • Changed the order in which videos will play on the Eco Cast Client Link. When using Play All or on an individual actor, individual videos will play before Group Videos.

  • When attempting to cMail an actor from the tabbed resume, the cMail form will now open in a new modal window.

  • Revised "move schedule," warning so it is clear the actor schedule statuses will be cleared.

  • Added the option to allow or not allow actors' feedback when creating a custom presentation.

Released 3/29/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Ability to delete a custom presentation.

    • Error when trying to sort actors on Eco Cast Presentation Link has been fixed.

Released 3/8/18

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Users are no longer prevented from Fast Forwarding and Rewinding videos on the Eco Cast Presentation Link.

Released 2/22/18

  • Enhanced features of the site including:

    • Filter by Non Union

    • Marking Actors as Viewed 

    • Viewing of memos

Released 2/15/18

  • Released Quick-sheet feature that allows CDs to view actors who have:

    • been invited to a schedule or Eco Cast.

    • submitted media to an Eco Cast.

Released 1/29/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue of the incorrect time zone displaying when moving Actors in a schedule resolved.

    • "Default" will no longer appear to the outside user when viewing the default Eco Cast link.

    • Fix an issue that caused the "Download All" and "Play All" buttons to not display

    • Resolved an issue that caused all submitting Agents from a merged agency to receive schedule change notifications in error.

Released 1/16/18

  • Bug Fix:
    • Actors with all media hidden will no longer appear in a presentation link with the setting "Only Show Actors with Media" set to on.

    • All actors will now be reliably added to the custom link in Eco Cast.

    • Actors no will longer appear in both "No Group Assigned" and an actual group at the same time.

    • Project names are now being updated correctly on invitations.

    • Casting Director Lists now working correctly.

    • Groups and Breakdown names should now appear in the Print Log.

    • Added back the options at the top of the print log that were erroneously removed.

    • Resolved the Issue that caused the "with media" and "Without Media" filter options to not work. This was a Safari browser only issue.

    • Problems loading the Casting Calendar have been resolved.

    • Duplicate Open Call Eco Cast invites no longer being sent to Actors Access users.

    • Media in the "Other Media" tab are now viewable.

Released 1/12/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Invalid search results in Schedules will no longer appear.

    • Mass cMails now will not be sent when only one schedule time is altered.

    • Media in Other Media tab will now open.

    • Actor's photo can now be changed on Presentation Link.

Released 1/11/18

  • Projects feature now allows for schedules across multiple breakdowns.

  • Client Link usability tweaks added:

    • Renamed to Presentation Link.

    • Group Media now viewable in link.

    • Performance Media now viewable on link.

  • Eco Cast capacity now updated to handle more actors in a single Eco Cast.

  • Bug Fix:     

    • Text wrapping issue in Presentation Link notes has been fixed.

    • Long load times after marking a video as "viewed" in Eco Cast has been fixed.

Released 11/16/17

  • A star icon, indicating an actor's audition history, will now be available. 

Released 9/11/17

  • Users now don’t need their cache cleared to see newly added actors on an Eco Cast Client Link.

  • Filters will no longer reset when navigating through pages of submissions.

  • Eco Cast Client Links now load in IE 11.

Released 8/23/17

  • Eco Cast Client Links will have auto-play on by default.

  • The ability to invite Actors to self tape from schedules is now active.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue resolved with adding Actors with an Agent to an Eco Cast invite.

Released 8/17/17

  • Create a memo in the external form by selecting “memo.”

  • Add .jpg files to roles in the form.

  • Simple Eco Casts are no longer an option when choosing “Invite to Self tape.”

  • Bug Fix:

    • Resolved issue sending cMails to disabled to Talent Reps regarding actors.

    • Audio file uploads to Eco Cast now working.

Released 8/8/17

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issues of cMails to actors going to the incorrect account has been fixed.

Released 7/27/17

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with the Print Session function in Scheduling has been resolved.

    • Guest users are again able to edit their Breakdown on the External Form.

    • The Eco cast clipboard now clears correctly after pasting.

Released 7/25/17

  • Add breadcrumbs to External Breakdown Form.

  • Improved Side Creator with wider range of acceptable script formatting and the ability to resize and move the project title, role name, and page numbers, click here for a how-to.   

  • Bug Fix:  

    • Issue with Chrome opening photos in the wrong window has been corrected.

    • Default video order on the Eco Cast Client Link is now working properly.

Released 7/6/17

  • Made all actors’ Performance Media available in Eco Cast regardless of how the actor was added.

  • Moved navigation buttons, revised some text, and Fix workflow bugs on External Breakdown Form.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Users are able to use the “uncheck all” button in submission views again.

Released 6/28/17

  • HD video upload and playback added to Eco Cast.

  • Improved the design of Eco Cast Client Links to make them adaptive to screen size, added a Play All option, improved customization options, and to accommodate HD video.

  • Sides Creator tool added.

Released 6/27/17

  • Added embedded E-Talenta search under the “Europe” tab in Actor Search.

Released 6/8/17

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue with sending messages to actors who had been added via Actor Search has been fixed.

Released 5/25/17

  • Reorganized US States and Canadian Provinces in Actor Search.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Submission note being added to the casting note in Eco Casts issue corrected.

    • Scheduling the same actor for two roles.

Released 5/4/17

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Fix issue forwarding, printing, and messages selected actors from an Extras Access release.

    • Emailing multiple lists bug resolved.

Released 4/20/17

  • Added role and group headers to the Attached Actors list in Eco Cast.

  • Added option to send cMail to only unconfirmed actors within a schedule.

  • Improved the UI on the “Grouped by Selected Roles” scheduling option.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Printing or emailing submissions and messaging actors from an Extras Access posting has been issue resolved.

    • Smart quotes in actors' name will no longer prevent media uploading in Eco Cast.

    • “Save checked to list” button within lists and Actors Search results is now working.

Released 4/13/17

  • Added prevention from moving a submission between roles after they have been scheduled

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Unsubmitted Eco Cast auditions no longer appearing as if they were submitted.

    • Issue inviting actors to self-tape after moving them to a new role has been resolved.

Released 3/28/17

  • Added duplicate Eco Cast name alert in the “invite to self-tape” feature.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Inviting actors to self-tape across multiple pages or multiple roles fixed.

Released 3/8/17

  • Updated “Forward Selected” presentation to match new design.

Released 2/28/17

  • Added new project types Podcast and MOW to external Breakdown form.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Photos upload to an Eco Cast that were being attached to the wrong actor has been Fix.

    • Deleted Eco Casts will no longer appear in the invite to self-tape drop-down.

    • The issue with playing videos for Casting Director Selects has been fixed.

Released 2/15/17

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with actors added to roles via Actor Search not displaying performance media has been fixed.

Released 2/14/17

  • Merged the “message queue” and the check-mark queue into one queue for taking action on submissions.

  • Added feature to invite actors to self-tape directly from the submissions list.

Released 2/9/17

  • Exclusion list added as info icon in the external Breakdown form.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Issue regarding cloning a Theater Breakdown Fix.

    • Printing a schedule bug fixed.

Released 2/3/17

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors no longer being listed multiple times in Eco Cast print logs.

Released 1/31/17

  • “Compose cMail” menu option removed from account without Actor Search.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Recovering deleted actors in an Eco Cast Open Call issue has been fixed.

Released 1/26/17

  • Option added for Breakdown staff to make Open Call Eco Cast uploads free for actors on a per-casting account basis.

Released 1/25/17

  • Transgender check-box added to actor profiles and Actor Search

Released 1/11/17

  • Branding watermark added to all Eco Cast videos uploaded via Eco Cast Desktop.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Searching schedule in Calendar view issue has been Fix.

Released 1/10/17

  • Added Google Ad banner to the external Breakdown form pages.

  • Launched the new blog at blog.breakdownservices.com

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Loading the schedule calendar issue has been fixed.

Released 1/4/17

  • Added “Past Projects” and “Saved Projects” buttons to the external Breakdown form.

Released 12/20/16

  • Expanded the size of the schedule notification window.

  • Added Breakdown drop-down menu to the calendar.

Released 12/14/16

  • New promotional slides added to homepage.

  • Moved schedule response note in working schedule to under schedule status.

Released 12/06/16

  • Branding watermark added to Eco Cast videos uploaded through the website.

  • Bug Fix:  

    • Photos will no longer be stretched when printing Lists.

    • Text size issue when printing Breakdowns has been resolved.

    • Fix issue with Eco Cast Invitation cancellation notices.

Released 12/01/16

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Sending a cMail to an Address Book issue has been resolved.

    • Issue scheduling the same actor for multiple roles in a callback has been resolved.

Released 11/17/16

  • Added option to upload a photo to Custom Actors in a schedule.

  • Added option to merge or replace when pasting actors into an Eco Cast.

  • Made the Chatlio widget smaller.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Fix issue with time zones in scheduling.

Released 11/15/16

  • Added protection from users sending messages containing any reference to CastIt.

  • Casting Notes Pencil icon color changed.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Deactivated public links will no longer disable one-page resumes.

    • Filtering available talent in callbacks issue fixed.

Released 11/10/16

  • Made all columns in Lists sortable.

  • Re-implemented “Remove Logo” function in Preferences.

Released 11/8/16

  • How to on the following items available here:

    • Added button to print individual audition sessions.

    • Improved Eco Cast uploader to accept image files and pdf files.

    • Removed character limit on some fields in the Breakdown External Form.

Released 10/27/16

  • How to on the following items available here:

    • Added past schedules to “View Calendar” page.

    • Added “Callbacks” page when viewing submissions.

Released 10/19/16

  • Improved auto play feature in Eco Cast Client Links.

  • Option to delete all roles from Breakdown External Form added.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue regarding accessing the Terms of Service resolved.

    • Display issue in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers on Breakdown external form fixed.

    • Issue with adding actors to roles from Actor Search when the actor was already chosen for submission by the Talent Rep bug has been resolved. 

Released 10/13/16

  • Repositioned “View Breakdown”, “Create Audition” and “Create Callback” buttons.

  • Expanded Union status options on Breakdown external form

  • Implemented new breakdownservices.com home and about pages.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Highlighting today on calendar issue fixed.

    • Scheduling the same actor for multiple roles bug resolved.

    • Creating a schedule with no end time is now possible.

Released 10/6/16

  • Preferences added for the following. How to available here.

  • Option to set default on existing schedules to Calendar View or List View.

  • Options to set default display on Calendar to Day, Week, or Month.

Released 10/5/16

  • Smaller text added to resume printing.

Released 9/30/16

  • Collapse option added to filter sidebar when viewing submissions. How to available here.

Released 9/28/16

  • “LA Commercial” and “LA Theatrical” merged into “LA Office” on Breakdown external form.

  • Project types “Developmental Theatre” and “Workshop” added to Breakdown external form.

  • Save for Later option added to Breakdown external form.

  • Removed VCN and the Online Store from breakdownservices.com.

Released 9/22/16

  • Updated CSA endorsement text.

  • Usability tweaks for External Breakdown form added:

    • 0-1 years added as a valid age range.

    • Character limit for “Additional Project Info” increased.

    • Breakdown titles will display in all caps.

Released 9/14/16

  • Pushed new UI for Breakdown Express, including the following:

    • Widening of every page except Enhanced Eco Casts Details Page

    • Added Calendar view of current schedules

    • Moved filtering and options to sidebar beside submissions.

Released 9/9/16

  • Added “mark as notified” option when revising Eco Cast invitations.

  • Updated contact information for Vancouver office.

Released 9/6/16

  • Submission Notes added to Eco Cast.

  • Prompt has been added to add actors to existing invitations when you click “Invite to Eco Cast."

  • A number of bugs in Eco Cast fixed.

Released 9/1/16

  • Standard Distribution Lists relabeled and rearranged on Unreleased Breakdown Distribution page.

Released 8/30/16

  • Option to choose select number when moving or copying actors between roles has been added.

  • Custom Distribution Lists has been separated from the Standard Distribution Lists.

  • Populate button on External Form has been changed to “Auto-fill”.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Sending cMails from tabbed resume issue has been fixed.    

    • “Select all unviewed,” feature has been fixed.

Released 8/24/16

  • How-to on the following items available here:

    • Union Filter added to Submissions screen.

    • Talent Rep Type Filter added to list of submitting talent reps.

    • Talent Rep Type Filter added to Submissions screen.

Released 8/9/16

  • Feature to request Size Cards from actors who submitted to your Breakdown has been added.  How-to available here.

  • “Demo Reel Request” cMail option has been removed.

Released 8/4/16

  • Option to include the Print Log on Eco Cast Client Links has been added. How-to available here.

Released 8/3/16

  • How-to on the following items available here

    • Option to copy a submission to another role added.

    • Option to hide agency information in print schedule added.

    • Ability to remove previously uploaded logo added.

Released 7/28/16

  • Preference for default display order of submissions has been added.

  • Search by Role added to Eco Cast search.

Released 7/7/16

  • Option to choose select number when adding CDS actors to a role has been added.

Released 7/6/16

  • “Account Name” has been changed to “Username.”

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Post a Breakdown Form bug issues have been fixed.

Released 6/30/16

  • Character limit in Special Notes field of Post a Breakdown Form increased.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Re-ordering groups in Eco Cast Custom Client Links has been fixed.

    • Issues with Post a Breakdown form has been fixed.

Released 6/29/16

  • Eco Cast Custom Link emails have no been re-titled with the Custom Link name.

  • Link to Breakdown added to Published Breakdown notification emails.

  • Character limit Start/Shoot Date(s) field in Post a Breakdown form has been increased.

Released 6/28/16

  • Chatlio chat widget added.

Released 6/21/16

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Character limits with roles has been fixed.

Released 6/15/16

  • Email Aliases added for notifications.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Sending cMails from the tabbed resume has been fixed.

    • Issues with the new Breakdown form have been fixed.

Released 5/27/16

  • New form for posting Breakdowns implemented.  Learn how it works here.

Released 5/17/16

  • Bug Fix:

    • Agency response notes in callbacks fixed.

Released 5/3/16

  • Eco Cast players all updated to HTML5 players.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Performance Media player for emailed Lists has been Fix.

    • Scheduling notices that were being sent to no one has been Fix.

    • Bug regarding exporting a large Eco Cast to a spreadsheet has been Fix.

Released 4/12/15

  • Eco Cast Client Links has been redesigned.

Released 3/31/16

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Page breaks for multi-session schedule printing has been Fix.

Released 3/22/16

  • Bug Fix:

    • Viewed/unviewed indicators on submissions has been Fix.

    • Performance Media player for forwarded actor profiles has been Fix.

Released 2/3/16

  • How-to on the following item available here.

    • Eco Cast Desktop direct download button has been added to the “My Eco Casts” page.

  • List-making options have been added to the view submissions by agency pages.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Upload limits in Eco Cast invitations issue has been fixed.

Released 1/12/16

  • Bug Fix:

    • Behind-the-scenes refinements have been implemented within the scheduling feature.

Released 12/8/15

  • How-to on the following items available here.

    • Ability to edit or remove Custom Actors from a schedule has been added.

    • Size Cards have been added to Eco Cast.

    • Option to display the actors in an Eco Cast by name, independent of role or group, has been added.

  • Audition Schedule status “Unavailable” changed to “Unavailable for Audition.”

Released 11/6/15

  • How-to on the following items available here.

    • Ability to create Custom Actors in a schedule added.

    • Option to cMail select actors from within a schedule added.

    • Folder functionality added to the “My Eco Casts” page.

    • Option to display and sort actors in an Eco Cast by group rather than role.

  • Ability to mark basic cMail messages as “unread” has been added.

  • Option to clear all actors scheduled for a role within a scheduled session and notify them of that change added.

Released 10/8/15

  • Ability to add, remove, and re-order actors on a Custom Client Link within an Eco Cast added.  How-to available here.

  • Ability to view actor’s Size Cards when they include them with their submission.

  • New view for Eco Cast Client Links has been implemented.

Released 8/25/15

  • Ability to create Custom Client Links within an Eco Cast has been added.  How-to available here.

  • Breakdown Express homepage has been redesigned.

Released 7/14/15

  • Video uploader on Eco Cast improved to automatically rotate sideways and upside-down videos.

  • Option to add actors to a Callback session who were not previously scheduled in a pre-read Schedule added.

Released 6/24/15

  • List view option added for Eco Casts with a large number of actors.

  • Eco Cast video uploader replaced with HTML5 uploader.

  • Eco Cast video sorting bug has been fixed.

Released 5/18/15

  • Ability to upload a logo has been added to the Preferences page.

Released 3/31/15

  • “Schedule Selected” link has been added to submissions page.

  • “Include Breaks” option has been added for all scheduling types.

  • New “tabbed” view for Eco Cast has been implemented.

Released 3/17/15

  • SlateShot player has been replaced with an HTML5 player.

  • Memos released under your account added to Current Breakdowns page.

Released 2/18/15

  • Video encoding has been services changed to AWS.

Released 1/27/15

  • SlateShot info pages have moved to breakdownservices.com.

  • “Active List” search option has been added as a preference for premiere accounts.

Released 1/6/15

  • Quick view of Agency and Agent information has been added to submissions.

Released 11/25/14

  • Header and menu options on breakdownexpress.com have been revised and consolidated.

Released 11/4/14

  • Option to create a “blank” schedule has been added to callback creation page.

  • Instructional examples have been added to scheduling options.

Released 10/14/14

  • Option to display Eco Cast client links by group has been added to Preferences.

Released 9/23/14

  • Option to schedule actors in blocks of time by role has been added to schedule creation page.

  • Groups have been added to Eco Cast.

Released 8/13/14

  • AABP has been added to union options for actors’ profiles

  • List making options have been re-vamped for premiere accounts.

  • Schedule creation process has been improved and additional options added.

Released 5/13/14

  • “Download All Media” buttons was added to individual actors on Eco Cast client links.

  • Performance Media indicator was added to Actor Card in Eco Cast.

Released 4/22/14

  • “Download All Media” button was added to Eco Cast client links.

  • Option to edit and update existing Eco Cast invitations was added.

  • Information about the times actors were previously scheduled will now be maintained across all schedules for that Breakdown.

  • “Sort” option was added to actor videos in Eco Cast.

Released 4/1/14

  • Option to multi-select videos for uploading to Eco Cast was dded.

  • Actors without media now hidden by default in Eco Casts.

Released 3/11/14

  • Option to turn off downloading options on Eco Cast Client Links was added, and the process of downloading those videos simplified.

Released 1/28/14

  • Calendar icon in scheduled submissions made to link directly to that actor in their scheduled time.

  • SlateShots was added to “Email Selected” links.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Special characters in video titles uploading to Eco Cast was fixed.

    • Margin Notes requiring a date stamp was fixed.

Released 1/8/14

  • SlateShots was added to tabbed resumes and Email Favorites Lists.

  • “Clear” button was added to search options in “View Existing” schedules pages.

  • “Unscheduled” and “Scheduled” numbers in role submissions are now clickable and viewable in those submissions in the standard grid view.

  • Calendar icon was added to scheduled submissions, indicating their scheduled times.

  • “Schedule Selected” link was added to “Selected” and “Unscheduled” views.

Released 12/17/13

  • Search options were added to “View Existing” schedules pages.

  • All roles for that Breakdown have been added to “Available Talent” in schedules, regardless of what roles were added at the time the schedule was created.

  • “Add Actors” tool in Eco Cast has been improved.

Released 12/3/13

  • “View Current” page added to “schedules” menu on homepage to see all upcoming sessions, regardless of Breakdown.

  • Notes in schedules have been made private, and no longer shared with the talent rep or actor.

  • SlateShots have beed added to one-page resumes.

Released 11/5/13

  • Additional filtering options were added to “Available Talent” in schedules.

  • Option to include “Previously Scheduled” when printing sessions was added.

  • “View Unfinished” page added to “schedules” menu in order to see all sessions in which actors haven’t yet been notified of their auditions for that Breakdown.

Released 10/15/13

  • Option to “Re-Message All” was added to sent cMails.

  • Option to move scheduled actors directly into another session, without first unscheduling them, was added.

  • New filtering options were added to “Available Talent” in schedules.

Released 9/24/13

  • Option to create a “Blank Schedule” was added.

  • Option was added to Preferences to view schedules as one scrollable screen, or two independent scrollable lists.

Released 9/4/13

  • Default order of submissions was changed to prioritize submissions with SlateShots and/or Performance Media.

  • Option to change password was added to Preferences page.

  • Agency and Role search options were added to “View Existing” schedules pages.

  • Universal login was added to breakdownservices.com.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue sending cMails to custom added actors fixed.

Released 8/13/13

  • Option to add actors to an existing Eco Cast invitation, rather than sending the same message, added.

Released 7/23/13

  • Preferences page has now been added under the Tools menu.

Released 7/2/13

  • Submissions can now be displayed by selection number

  • Options added to show/hide Agency information and Casting Notes added to Eco Cast Print Logs.

Released 6/12/13

  • Display of schedules will now allow for independent scrolling of the “Working Schedule” and the “Available Talent”.

  • SlateShots were added to submissions.

  • Bug Fix:

    • cMail notifications about non-existent messages stopped.

Released 5/20/13

  • Disabilities fields added to actor profiles.

Released 4/9/13

  • Option to set actor status (confirmed, declined, etc.) in a schedule has been added.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Page refreshing on schedules fixed.

Released 2/27/13

  • Bug Fix:

    • Actors will no longer duplicate in Eco Cast.

Released 12/11/12

  • Ability to view and email multiple Favorites Lists at once has been added.

  • Option to reorder the contents of a Favorites List by dragging and dropping.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Casting Notes issue in “unviewed” submissions has been fixed.

Released 11/13/12

  • Option to email a Favorites List has been added.

  • Now possible to filter submissions by Canadian Postal Code.

  • A series of improvements added to scheduling features. A forced notification when clearing a schedule was added and “Modify/Tools” button added. This allows for adding roles to a session, adding time slots to it, or moving the entire session to a new time.

  • “Expand View” option was added to performance video player to watch the video at 640x480 size.

Released 10/16/12

  • Performance improvements were made to Eco Cast Details page.

  • “Move to Top” button was added to “Re-Order Actors” feature in Eco Cast.

  • “Clear Schedule” button was added to scheduling.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Casting Book sorting issue has been resolved.

Released 9/18/12

  • Date stamp has been added to Eco Cast videos.

  • Notification email implemented when Talent Reps request time changes.

  • “Selected” numbers have been expanded to 1-6.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Sending cMail from drafts was Fix.

Released 8/21/12

  • Thumbnail photos may now be added to Eco Cast Print Logs.

  • Automatic notification emails implemented when a Breakdown is published added.

  • “Select all Unviewed Actors” option has been added to “Unviewed” submissions screen.

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Scheduling messages overwriting issue was Fix.

Released 7/24/12

  • Role order can now be changed within the Eco Cast.

  • Confirmation window added when clearing a group within a schedule.

  • Response notes within a schedule have been changed to display at all times.

  • Video count has been added to Eco Cast Actor cards.

  • “SAG” and “AFTRA” unions now merged to “SAG-AFTRA”.

  • Option added to export Eco Cast Print Logs to Excel.

Released 6/26/12

  • Google Ads implemented across all sites.

  • Sorting options now added to Eco Cast Print Logs.

  • Type ahead and drop-down menu have been added to role entry screen in Eco Cast.

Released 5/24/12

  • Print Log option has been added to Eco Casts.

  • Legal disclaimer now added to Unreleased Breakdowns page.

  • Bug  Fix:

    • Instructional Media in Eco Cast Invitations now fixed.

    • Uploading video to actors with # characters in their name now fixed.

    • “Print Selected” and “Email Selected” displays have been fixed.

    • Bug regarding creating folders in cMail now fixed.

    • Saving Margin Notes issue now fixed.

Released 2/27/12

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with Actors being scheduled for the wrong role now fixed.

Released 1/25/12

  • Performance Videos may now be included in Eco Cast links.

  • Safety measure put in place to prevent sending Eco Cast Invitations more than once.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Using quotes in Margin Notes issue has been resolved.

    • Expiration dates of “Email Selected” now fixed.

Released 12/5/11

  • Option to hide actors without video added to Eco Cast Client Links.

Released 9/7/11

  • Eco Cast uploader improved to use Zencoder encoding and Amazon Cloud storage.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with pagination on Eco Cast Client Links resolved.

    • Simple Eco Cast expiration dates now fix.