Once you've sent out your messages to the Actors, they will be able to respond directly to your inbox. Here is how you'll learn to view and organize those messages. For a review on how to send cMail messages: Click Here

Viewing Unread cMail Messages

1) By clicking on the cMail menu in the header, you can access your messages from any page on the site. 

2) In your "My Messages" folder, all of your sent messages will be listed. The Replies column will showcase the number of replies you've received for that particular message. To view the replies, select your message. 

3) Below your message, you'll find the reply from the recipient. Select the recipient's message to view the response. 

4) Once you've viewed the response, you can reply to it by selecting the "Reply" button or delete it by selecting "Delete"

Managing Your cMail Folders

1) You can keep your cMail messages organized by utilizing the "Folders" section. Select the "+" to create a custom folder. All custom folders will appear in alphabetical order under the "Drafts" folder. 

        - My Messages: A folder that holds all of your sent messages. 

        - Trash: A folder that holds all of the messages that you've deleted. The messages will remain there for 7 days before being permanently deleted. 

        - Drafts: A folder that holds all of your saved draft messages that you have yet to complete and send. 

2) Check off cMail messages listed. 

3)  Under “Move Checked To” choose the folder in the dropdown to move them into.   


Please note: You can select multiple messages for a group deletion.

4) Check off cMail messages then select Trash in the "Moved Checked To" dropdown to delete multiple message at the same time.

Size Card Responses

1) Once you've sent the size card request, you should receive a response from the recipient letting you know that they have attached his or her size card to their submission. To view the size card, select the actor's resume icon  in the role's submissions page.

2) Next, select the "Size Card" tab. You'll be able to view the Actor's sizes, measurements and any other additional details they have listed for you. 

Next Steps: