History of New Features for Enterprise Users

These are the latest software updates and improvements to the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: enterprise@breakdownservices.com. 

Released 8/30/22

  • When opening a role on a project, the filters are now expanded by default.
  • The preferences on hiding projects and Actors without media have been renamed for consistency.
  • The counts next to each role on a project are now "## Actors" instead of just the number. 

Released 4/7/20

  • A “View All Auditions,” option has been added on the Project Details Page.

Released 3/25/20

  • Bug Fix:
    • Position of the table sorting indicator on the Project Page is corrected.    

Released 11/7/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Filter issue in sub-folders and Projects views has been fixed.

Released 11/5/19

  • Added Favicon and replaced title button on the Enterprise site.
  • Space-bar playback has been added to the video player.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Edit Permissions modal will close upon save correctly.
    • The issue with mapping project roles when creating an Eco Cast from the Self Tape button has been resolved.

Released 10/10/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Back-filled Eco Casts from Breakdowns are now being correctly mapped to roles. 

Released 9/18/19

  • Archived Projects will now display in Project View.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Deleted projects will now be completely removed.

Released 9/3/19

  • Media will now auto-play between actors.

Released 8/14/19

  • Feedback from Enterprise will now be allowed on Presentations.
  • Breakdowns have been restructured to pull names from Project Roles.

Released 8/5/19

  • The load speed on the Projects page has been improved.
  • Eco Cast Video Playback is no longer interrupted and the selected actor does not change when navigating back and forth from the actor details (resume) panel. 

Released 7/7/19

  • Automatically "share," Eco casts created from the Enterprise interface.
  • A resume link to Actor History view has been added.

Released 5/30/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • "Issue with Back to Top," button on Resume page has been resolved.

Released 4/23/19

  • Actor Search and an Actor History page have been added.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The top level folder is now showing appropriately.

Released 2/7/19

  • Writers can now retroactively add  a Breakdown to a Project after saving.

Released 1/29/19

  • When creating an Eco cast, only the Top-Level folders for the series currently being worked on will be visible.

Released 12/4/18

  • Below please find some of the highlights of  Enterprise Solutions:
    • A brand new website for our Enterprise Solution users to create and manage their project data.
    • Project Roles -  Roles are now linked to the Project which allows for the new Role Mapping functionality.
    • Share with "Enterprise User" - Casting Directors will be able to share their Eco Cast Presentations with one click.
    • Eco Casts Shared with Me - Collaborating Casting Directors (with the appropriate permissions) will be able to view each other's Eco Casts within a project.