History of New Features for Enterprise Users

These are the latest software updates and improvements to the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: enterprise@breakdownservices.com. 

Released 1/11/24

  • A new Secure Scripts submit portal feature has been created for Enterprise.

Released 8/10/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • When creating a new presentation, the modal window to name the presentation no longer appears behind the video player control bar.

Released 7/18/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • Media in Eco Casts that have not been shared with the studio no longer appear in individual Actors' audition history within Enterprise.

Released 4/4/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • Removing a secondary studio/network who never created anything on a project now correctly removes all the associated users from the permissions list.

Released 1/13/23

  • Bug Fix:
    • Unions on Actor resumes now display with correct comma separation.

Released 11/9/22

  • The Project Details page on Enterprise no longer forces capitalization for Role names, Eco Cast names, Presentation names, Breakdown titles, or Collaborators, instead using the text as it is saved in the database.

Released 8/30/22

  • When opening a role on a project, the filters are now expanded by default.
  • The preferences on hiding projects and Actors without media have been renamed for consistency.
  • The counts next to each role on a project are now "## Actors" instead of just the number. 

Released 4/7/20

  • A “View All Auditions,” option has been added on the Project Details Page.

Released 3/25/20

  • Bug Fix:
    • Position of the table sorting indicator on the Project Page is corrected.    

Released 11/7/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Filter issue in sub-folders and Projects views has been fixed.

Released 11/5/19

  • Added Favicon and replaced title button on the Enterprise site.
  • Space-bar playback has been added to the video player.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Edit Permissions modal will close upon save correctly.
    • The issue with mapping project roles when creating an Eco Cast from the Self Tape button has been resolved.

Released 10/10/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Back-filled Eco Casts from Breakdowns are now being correctly mapped to roles. 

Released 9/18/19

  • Archived Projects will now display in Project View.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Deleted projects will now be completely removed.

Released 9/3/19

  • Media will now auto-play between actors.

Released 8/14/19

  • Feedback from Enterprise will now be allowed on Presentations.
  • Breakdowns have been restructured to pull names from Project Roles.

Released 8/5/19

  • The load speed on the Projects page has been improved.
  • Eco Cast Video Playback is no longer interrupted and the selected actor does not change when navigating back and forth from the actor details (resume) panel. 

Released 7/7/19

  • Automatically "share," Eco casts created from the Enterprise interface.
  • A resume link to Actor History view has been added.

Released 5/30/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • "Issue with Back to Top," button on Resume page has been resolved.

Released 4/23/19

  • Actor Search and an Actor History page have been added.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The top level folder is now showing appropriately.

Released 2/7/19

  • Writers can now retroactively add  a Breakdown to a Project after saving.

Released 1/29/19

  • When creating an Eco cast, only the Top-Level folders for the series currently being worked on will be visible.

Released 12/4/18

  • Below please find some of the highlights of  Enterprise Solutions:
    • A brand new website for our Enterprise Solution users to create and manage their project data.
    • Project Roles -  Roles are now linked to the Project which allows for the new Role Mapping functionality.
    • Share with "Enterprise User" - Casting Directors will be able to share their Eco Cast Presentations with one click.
    • Eco Casts Shared with Me - Collaborating Casting Directors (with the appropriate permissions) will be able to view each other's Eco Casts within a project.