With this tool, you can add or remove access of your listed collaborators and control what media they can view. This allows for control, at a fine level, which collaborators have the access to see Eco Casts and media that is uploaded by another collaborator, in their own accounts.

How to Edit Project Permissions    

1) First, log-in to your account at enterprise.breakdownexpress.com

2) Navigate to the desired project you are looking for as described in: How to View and Filter Auditions 

3) Then click the "Edit Permissions," button at the top right of the page. 

This opens this list of permissions for that project, showing each collaborator and which media they are allowed to see.

4) To remove access granted to an individual collaborator hover over their name and click "Revoke Access."

5) To choose whether a collaborator can view the media of other collaborators, or to allow them to view only their own, hover over their name and select "Edit."


6) From there you can select whom, if any, other collaborators can see media from another collaborator and save those changes. 

*Note: to add a collaborator on a project, please contact us by phone or e-mail enterprise@breakdownservices.com.

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