Through either searching for an actor by name or within the project itself, you can select an actor and view all of their auditions and media on one page. 

How to View Audition History of an Actor

1.) First, log-in to your account at 

2.) From the main page, you can search by actor on the top search toolbar, which pulls up a drop-down list of search results.

3.) Click on the name of the actor you are looking for.

This brings up the history page of the actor, listing the projects that the actor has auditioned for and their corresponding media.

4.) Click “show filters,” to filter by series, project, role, Eco Cast or casting director.

You can also find the desired actor's history from within a project.

1.) Navigate to the folder and project you are looking for as described by How To Filter and View Auditions.

2.) Once inside the project and role, click on, or search for the name of the actor in the 'search actor' search bar.

3.) Then, click the circular history icon below their thumbnail to view the actor history page.


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