With Breakdown Services: Enterprise Solution, you are able to sort through your projects and view all auditions, Eco Casts, and actors associated with your projects.

How To Filter and View Auditions

1.) First, log-in to your account at enterprise.breakdownexpress.com. 

From there, you will see a list of all your folders containing your projects, the collaborators assigned to it, and the last date modified. 

2.) You can first search for the folder containing the project by inputting the name into the search bar at the top of the middle of the page.

Or from the folder search.

You can also arrange your Folder List by clicking 'name' or 'date modified.'


Note: The top search bar allows you to search by actor and project name as well.

Once inside your selected folder, you will see a page consisting of all the seasons episodes for that project, the collaborators and the last date modified. 

3. You can search by season or episode number by using the search bar above the list of collaborations.

Clicking into that project, you will see a searchable page for that project consisting of:

  • The list of roles and the number of auditions for each.

  • Any presentations or custom links shared with you.

  • All of the Eco Casts associated with that episode/project.

Each category has a search bar to filter for the role, presentation, or Eco cast you are looking for.

5.) Click into the role you would like to see the auditions for. 

When you click into a specific role, you will see a page with all the auditions for that role, along with with the actors' resume and media.

6.) From this page, you can filter by role, Eco cast, presentation, and casting director by using the 'show filter,' option.

7.) Click on a desired actor for their media to play. 

8.) You can then view the actor's resume by clicking the document icon next to their thumbnail -- 

or directly from their video while it plays.

This opens up their resume and actor details.

9.) You can also search for a specific actor within that role using the 'search actor,' search bar next to the 'show filter,' option.

Next Steps: