History of New Features for Talent Representatives

These are the latest software updates and improvements to the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: clientinfo@breakdownservices.com. 

Released 6/4/24 

  • The FAQ question about adding clients on breakdownservices.com has been updated to reflect the new workflow. 
  • The fields to change Talent Representatives' passwords on the Preferences page now have the same max length.
  • A "re-sent" status has been added to the Representation Requests log.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The text and checkbox alignment on the Open Call page has been fixed.

Released 5/16/24 

  • The User Interface for the Decline and Reschedule modals when responding to an in-person or Eco Cast Live audition have been updated.

Released 4/29/24 

  • Talent Representatives now have the ability to re-assign auditions to others in their company.

Released 4/18/24 

  • Talent Representatives can now send emails to Actors they want to add to their roster, and access a new Invitation History page to see past invitations.

Released 4/16/24 

  • Bug Fix:
    • When viewing Actor History there is no longer a message saying that there is no history in the last 3 months while also displaying a list of the all time auditions.

Released 4/2/24 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Previously, when Talent Representatives clicked the "Preview Media" button found in the submission options, it would inadvertently check or uncheck the selection box of that media. This has been fixed, and previewing a file no longer affects its selection.

Released 3/20/24 

  • If a Canadian Actor has a country and province selected, the province will be displayed to Talent Representatives instead of just the postal code in which the Actor is located.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Previously, the Talent Name search filter on the Auditions page was not recognizing full names, only single names. That has now been fixed to allow full name searches.

Released 3/8/24

  • Bug Fix:
    • Using Apostrophes will no longer generate incorrect characters in the pre-filled email when sharing invitations with third parties.

Released 2/13/24

  • Bug Fix:
    • Using the "Overscale" or "Offer Only" buttons to choose Actors to submit no longer deselects the default media for that Actor.

Released 12/19/23 

  • The title of the "Update Age Ranges" page that is accessed via the "Manage Clients" has been changed to "Add Age Ranges".
  • Bug Fix:
    • A typo has been fixed on the email that Talent Representatives receive when they have a CMail message.

Released 12/19/23 

  • The User's Company name has been added to the pre-filled text in the subject line when sending a CMail via Talent Link.
  • The addendum text on a Breakdown will no longer appear if the linked Breakdown is not visible to the User.
  • The “Show Only My Submissions”/“Only Auditions assigned to me” filter now remain applied when the User returns or refreshes to the page.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The window layout issues that appeared when forwarding Eco Cast self tape requests have been fixed.
    • The unresponsive "Remove" button on the Email Profile page has been fixed.
    • A bug that prevented Talent Representatives from submitting additional Eco Cast media files after the first submission has been fixed.

Released 11/21/23 

  • A "read-only" version of In-person/Eco Cast Live auditions has been added for non-submitting Talent Representatives.
  • A"read-only" version of Eco Cast self-tape auditions has been added for non-submitting Talent Representatives.

Released 11/8/23 

  • The Pitch & Email link is now automatically disabled when a Talent Rep removes an Actor from their roster.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When Actor resumes are no longer missing information when printing.
    • Photos no longer overlap with the header on the Manage Photos page.
    • When forwarding an audition, the window will automatically close once the audition has been sent.
    • The indicator for an Actor's Default Commercial photo is now displaying properly.
    • The window to add Media when sharing profiles via email is now loading properly.

Released 11/2/23 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Users can now save changes to Clients' eye color.
    • Commercial photos are now being used as the default when submitting on Commercial Breakdowns.

Released 10/2/23 

  • There is a new User Interface for the upload progress bars in Eco Cast invitations for Talent Representatives.
  • Submissions for the same (re-released) role within the same Project are now restricted.
  • When downloading media on Eco Pitch Presentations, Performance Media is now included.
  • A bulk "Change Role" option has been added to Eco Pitch.
  • Minor Trust Account and Child Work Permit info has been hidden from displaying on Size Cards visible to Talent Representatives.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When submitting on Open Calls, navigating to another page of clients no longer reverts your search filters.

Released 9/28/23 

  •  Uploads in Eco Cast invitations are displayed by the Casting Director's default order.

Released 8/17/23 

  •  A "Located In" tag has been added to the Actor Cards in Talent Link and there is a new location-based filter.
  • Talent Reps subscribed to the Midwest region can now see Talent Link and it has been added to the notification preferences.

Released 8/10/23 

  • Bug Fix:
    • When forwarding auditions to third-party contacts, apostrophes are no longer being replaced with '.
    • When submitting on Open Calls, if you apply a filter on your roster you no longer have to apply it twice to get the expected results.
    • The "upload media" link on Eco Cast invitations is now correctly removed after the deadline has passed.

Released 7/18/23 

  • The navigation menus now expand on click/tap rather than navigating to a default option in order to be touch-screen compatible

Released 6/14/23 

  • The Eco Pitch option has been moved to the Company level, so any Eco Pitches created by one Talent Rep will be available and editable by any other Talent Rep at the company.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The "All Submissions" feature on Breakdowns now displays one-name Actors correctly.

Released 5/22/23 

  • The CMail limit for Talent Link has been increased to 20 per week (still following the same "rolling" rules as before).
  • Bug Fix:
    • Talent Reports now include the last day in the chosen date range in all versions.

Released 5/8/23 

  • The "All Submissions" report on a Breakdown now includes a "Hide Pictures" option to see a text-only report.
  • Bug Fix:
    • When printing a Client's Pitch & Email resume, the logo no longer appears too big for the UI.

Released 5/3/23 

  • The text describing Talent Link on breakdownservices.com was updated to include the Southeast region.
  • Text wrapping rules were revised on breakdownservices.com.
  • Actors represented by one division of a TR Company will no longer be seen in Talent Link by other divisions of the same Company.
  • The "All Submissions" report on a Breakdown now sorts the roles in the Breakdown order.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Searching the client roster no longer requires clicking the search button twice in order to get the expected results.

Released 4/13/23 

  • Talent Representatives receiving Southeast service will now have access to Talent Link and will see Actors seeking representation in the Southeast, following all the same rules as Los Angeles and New York.

Released 4/4/23 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Searching for Actors with apostrophes in their names now works in Manage Clients.
    • The "Change Role" feature in Eco Pitch is now working.
    • Clients that have been invited to an Eco Pitch and have "confirmed" the invitation can now be filtered correctly.
    • When the user opens a schedule invitation from CMail, the back navigation now reads "back to inbox".

Released 3/14/23 

  • "Profile Completeness" sort has been added to the Talent Link page.
  • The "With Selected" drop-down now disables or hides irrelevant options depending on which Actors you have checked off.
  • Citizenship and Passport questions have been removed from the Actor profile.

Released 1/13/23 

  • A new style for the Eco Pitch email sent by TRs has been implemented. 
  • A "Cancelled" status has been added to the Auditions list page for Eco Cast self-tapes that were cancelled by Casting.
  • The new gender options have been added to the Advanced Search on the Open Call submission page for TRs.
  • The new gender options have been added to the Advanced Search on the Breakdown list page for TRs.
  • New preferences have been added for Talent Link allowing the TR to hide notifications and the number badge per region. 
  • Talent Reps will now be able to submit additional media to an Eco Cast self-tape after previously submitting, but not after the deadline. 
  • Audition schedules will no longer auto-decline after their scheduled time, they will keep the status the audition had prior to the scheduled time as a record of what happened.

Released 12/13/22 

  • The look and styling of Sides attached to auditions have been slightly upgraded.

Released 11/16/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • When viewing the contents of a client folder, navigating to subsequent pages no longer reverts back to the full roster.

Released 11/9/22 

  • The look of Sides Express post-login (when viewing the sides on a project) has been updated.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The auto-fill feature when submitting is no longer clearing the "Show my Clients" filter.
    • The "save search criteria" preference is working again.

Released 10/27/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • When viewing the contents of a client folder, navigating to subsequent pages no longer reverts back to the full roster.

Released 10/25/22 

  • When filtering the roster in "My Clients" using the Advanced Search, the gender options now apply an OR search.

Released 10/17/22 

  • There is a new page for Talent Reps to view and contact Actors listed in Talent Link.
  • There is a pop-up alert indicating when there are new Actors on Talent Link which can be disabled in Preferences.
  • The current representation of an Actor no longer displays on the Talent Link resume.

Released 9/25/22 

  • There are now 5 options for Gender on an Actor's profile and the search options when filtering the roster and submitted have been updated to match.

Released 8/30/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Deadlines set by the Talent Representative no longer close out access to sides attached to Eco Cast Invitations.
    • Clicking "back" after opening a client's profile in Manage Clients now keeps your filter parameters.
    • The "include removed" text in Talent Reports is no longer cut off.

Released 8/23/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • The Auto-Fill button when submitting now first clears any pre-selected criteria for age range, ethnicity, and gender.
    • Checking an ctor from search results when adding them to an Eco Pitch now activates the "save & continue" button.
    • Thumbnails of attached media now display correctly on Eco Pitch presentations.
    • The hover state of the "Log Out" menu item has been corrected.

Released 7/26/22 

  • Talent Representatives can once again upload or decline Eco Cast invitations after Requesting a Retake from the Actor.
  •  The "Group Media" tab from Eco Pitch Presentations.
  • A new user interface for the post-login header has been added.

Released 7/6/22 

  • Logged in users can now change their own password from their General Preferences Page.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Advanced Searches on the Client Roster will no longer reset when navigating to subsequent pages.

Released 6/7/22 

  • Bug Fix:
    • Double-clicking the send button when forwarding Eco Cast invitations no longer duplicates the Actor in the invitation.
    • Resending an invitation to a client to join Actors Access to a different email address no longer duplicates the client in the roster view.

Released 5/24/22 

  • The look and layout of the pre-login Open Call has been updated.

Released 4/7/22 

  • Adds the option for Casting Directors to upload and share sides and other instructional materials directly to all types of audition invitations.

Released 2/11/22 

  • Bug Fix:

    • Bug allowing Talent Representatives to be able to submitt on Breakdowns that have "electronic submissions" turned off has been fixed.

Released 2/9/22 

  • The address for our NY office has been updated.

  • The Auditions page now lists all auditions for the agency and lists the submitting Agent as well as updated layouts and filters.

Released 12/21/21 

  • The accents "Asian" and "Middle Eastern" have been removed from the Actor skills list.

  • Bug Fix:

    • The Role name and Description are now displaying correctly in Eco Cast self-tape "Preview and Forward" window.

Released 12/14/21 

  • Talent Representative users can now reset their passwords themselves or have a Reset Password Email sent to them, just like our other user groups.

Released 12/7/21 

  • When opening an Eco Cast Open Call link, any Talent Representatives currently logged in will no longer need to log in again.

  • It now takes less time to load a Full Talent Report.

  • The information and download page for the Desktop Suite has been removed as that product is no longer supported.

  • On the Audition page, the "Accepted" status for Eco Cast Self-Tapes is now correctly displaying.

  • Bug Fix:

    • When a Breakdown is only released to NY or LA, it no longer appears in searches the Talent Representative makes for the opposite region.

    • Clients with no gender chosen on their profile can now be removed, booked out, and made active by the Talent Representative like any other client.

Released 11/11/21 

  • Talent Representatives can no longer send CMails to Actors they don't represent.

Released 11/2/21 

  • There is a new required "Accept" option in the Eco Cast Invitation for Talent Representatives.

Released 10/28/21

  • A new "Contact Us" menu item has been added to the headers on Breakdown Express that directs the user to the chat, email form, phone contacts, and FAQ page.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Navigating breadcrumbs and menu labels has been fixed in Eco Pitch.

Released 10/4/21

  • Breakdown filters are now collapsed by default.

  • When forwarding auditions, the time now displays adjusted for the user’s time zone in the preview window.

  • Bug Fix:

    • A programming error no longer appears when a Talent Representative has no archived schedules.

    • Users can now delete empty CMail folders.

    • Users can now put commas ( , ) and pipe symbols ( | ) in CMail folder names without issue.

    • CMail drafts with subject lines longer than 28 characters can now be opened.

    • There is no longer an error when Talent Representatives click on the Browse button in the Eco Pitch uploader.

    • Submitted Eco Cast Invitations that did not include video or audio files will no longer display as Not Submitted.

Released 7/27/21

  • The zebra stripes on the skills section of the "Edit Profile" tab now alternate correctly.

  • Bug Fixed:

    • The drop-down menu to move CMails has been added back to Custom CMail Folders.

Released 7/20/21

  • Eco Pitches with long titles no longer break the Add Actor window.

Released 7/7/21

  • The CMails received by Talent Representatives when Actors respond to a forwarded audition request have been updated to better instruct the Talent Representative of what to do next.

  • The listed email on the “General Preferences” page for the NY office has been updated.

  • On Actor’s resumes, the label “Professional Biography (Footer)” has been changed to just “Professional Biography”.

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) has been moved to its own section within the list of skills.

Released 6/23/21

  • Talent Representatives can now invite Clients that aren’t yet in Actors Access from their individual profile pages.

  • Talent Representatives can now invite Clients that aren’t yet in Actors Access from the Manage Clients page.

Released 12/2/20

  • Bug Fix: 
    • If the check mark to make submissions is clicked and then submission options opened, any changes to which photos to submit will now be saved.
    • If Actor is invited to audition for more than one role and multiple invitations to join Actors Access have been forwarded using different email addresses, after registering or linking to an existing AA account, the Actor now sees all forwarded auditions.

Released 11/24/20

  • The capability to forward auditions to individual clients has been added.
  • Invitations are now automatically forwarded to the client when the audition is confirmed. 

Released 8/26/20

  •  Bug Fix: 
    • Newly created accounts limited to 1 Simultaneous User as intended.

Released 7/14/20

  •  Bug Fix: 
    •  Other non-subscribed to regions no longer visible.
    • When an Actor replies to, forwards, or prints a cMail that's been sent, the body of the message will no longer converts into raw HTML.

Released 4/29/20

  •  When selecting “Sides,” from the global navigation, a new tab will now open for Sides Express. 

Released 4/16/20

  • Improvement to the Region Search:  When a Talent Rep searches Breakdowns by a subset of Regions for which they are already a subscriber, then the names of those Regions are highlighted and displayed even when the filter is collapsed, so that the User knows what search results they are viewing. 
  • Bug Fix:     
    • Submission notes with non alphanumeric characters entered now appears appropriately, and does not break subsequent submission options.
    • An issue with the display of Talent Rep names and email address on schedule responses is now resolved.
    • cMail notifications that were not being sent to Talent Rep alias emails now work as intended.

Released 3/19/20

  • Adjusted the method for searching "Kids Only Projects."

Released 1/29/20

  • New cMail inbox styling.

Released 1/22/20

  • Updated Screenplay online with two new screens.
  • Bug Fix:  
    • Apostrophes (‘) in Talent Rep Names will no longer display as quotation marks.

Released 10/10/19  

  • Bug Fix:   
    • Covering agents will no longer appear after being deleted.
    • PDF will display all columns in Talent Report as intended.

Released 9/19/19

  • Screenplay Online has been redesigned.
  • Adjusted search results for when filtering Booked out Clients.
  • Removed, "Is the actor willing to work for Non Union Projects?" from the Edit Profile and Size Cards.

Released 9/4/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Issue viewing manually rotated photos on mobile device has been resolved. 
    • Save button on Booked Out schedule is now functioning correctly.

Released 8/6/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Searching by Age/Gender of included roles has been fixed.
    • Save button on Booked Out schedule is now functioning correctly.  

Released 6/30/19

  • Bug Fix:
    • Booked Out issues have been resolved.

Released 5/22/19

  • Added the ability for Talent Reps to add notes to book out dates. The notes and dates will display when hovering over the Booked Out banner.
  • Callback Ratio has been from Talent Reports.    
  • Incorporated Eco Cast Self-Tapes into Talent Reports.  
  • Made CastingAbout buttons consistent on all Talent Rep pages. The buttons now say “CastingAbout," instead of "Open CastingAbout" and they are blue instead of red. 
  • Bug Fix:
    • Searching Breakdown by release date will no longer return partial data.

Released 4/16/19

  • All icons and links to and from Kabookit have been removed.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Spacing issues on the breakdowns have been fixed. Example: No more space between the role name and role description.

Released 4/3/19

  • Added a key word search to the Breakdown summary page.
  • Corrected a graphics issue on the Mange Clients page.

Released 3/14/19

  • Made various functional changes to the Photo Interface of the Role Submission Modal.

Released 11/16/18

  • Only one person can be removed from a roster at a time. 
  • Talent report now includes option to "Include Removed Actors."

Released 8/20/18

  • Bug Fix:
    • Printer Friendly Page button error resolved.

Released 7/16/18

  • Added "self tape," text in Actor History.

Released 7/7/18

  • Time-zone indicator has been added to Eco Casts deadline for clarity.

Released 7/3/18

  • A Slateshot icon will now appear next to clients who have a Slateshot when viewing roster with the "Show Pictures/Slateshots" option checked. 
    • Clicking on the Slateshot icon will take the user directly to the photo management page.

Released 6/13/18

  • Bug Fix:
    • A a deleted actor can no longer be reactivated if manually accessed from the actor's profile page.

Released 6/5/18

  • Green Eco Cast button has been added to an actor's history.

Released 5/31/18

  • Added the appropriate Toronto email to the Talent Rep page on BreakdownServices.com.
  • Bug fix:
    •  Issue causing search criteria to be wiped out has been resolved.

Released 5/17/18

  • Bug Fix: 
    • Talent reps are no longer able to sign into the external form to submit a Breakdown.
    • Time-zones are now recognized when a deadline is changed on a forwarded Eco Cast invitation.

Released 5/15/18

  • Bug Fix:
    • The Booked Out banner will now appear on submission search and manage clients if the actor has a current or future Booked Out date. The banner will appear until the future book out date expires.

Released 5/11/18

  • Bug Fix:
    • Issue preventing certain dates from being input into the new Booked Out modal has been resolved. 

Released 5/10/18

  • Project type now in the subject of a new Breakdown e-mail.
  • Bug Fix: 
    • Open ended Book Out on Client List page are now saving. 

Released 5/4/18

  • Actor History within role search is now available.
  • Previously Submitted indicator has been added.
  • "Book Out," system now includes date ranges.

Released 3/8/18

  • Bug Fix: 
    • Issue where using "Select All," when submitting to an Open Call would not include the actors' photos has been resolved.

Released 3/1/18

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue in which all submitting agents from a merged agency to receive schedule change notifications in error has been resolved. 

Released 2/28/18  

  • Added the ability for Talent Reps to set default photos, videos, and submission notes.
  • Talent Reps on hiatus will now have their email notifications turned off after two weeks.
  • The Commercial Agency Roster tool has been.

Released 9/11/17

  • The region restriction has been removed from the sides search.

Released 8/23/17

  • Talent Reps can now submit to Open Call Eco Casts.

Released 8/17/17

  • Ability to search a roster via Non-Union & one or more Unions.

Released 7/27/17

  • Added direct link to Talent Report from a client’s profile page.
  • Added “auto-fill” button to the filtering options when submitting clients to roles that enters the age range, gender and ethnic appearance from the role into the search criteria.

Released 7/6/17

  • Added back the ability to double-click a thumbnail to review an audition in Eco Cast invitations.

Released 6/13/17

  • Added notification to Talent Rep when an actor removes themselves from their roster.

Released 6/8/17

  • Breakdown and Role information have been added to forwarded audition notices and Eco Cast invitations.
  • Moved Height and Weight fields to the size card entry page.

Released 6/6/17

  • Added the ability to change the order of uploading Eco Cast media.

  • Shoe Size and Jacket Size have been broken into two drop-down menus for the size card.

Released 5/30/17

  • Added option for a Talent Rep to be defined as the “covering agent” for specific clients, and then view only those clients when submitting.

Released 5/25/17

  • Added option to include an email address on pitch links.

Released 5/3/17

  • Images and PDF files may now be added to an Eco Cast invitation.

Released 4/20/17

  • Bug Fix:

    •  “Use Last Note Submitted,” function has been fixed.

Released 4/13/17

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Special characters will no longer cause Eco Cast cMails malfunction.

    • SlateShots with a period in the file name are now uploading correctly.

    • Quotes in an actor’s name are no longer breaking an Eco Cast invitation.

Released 2/28/17

  • Bug Fix: 

    • Saving contact information and notes for clients is now fixed.

Released 2/15/17

  • Bug with cMail notification emails sending in plain text is now fixed.

Released 2/9/17

  • A confirmation window added when declining an audition or requesting a time change.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Forwarding size card requests to actors has been fixed.

    • Issue regarding the displayed actor name in submission history is now fixed.

    • Sorting Breakdowns list issue has been resolved.

Released 2/8/17

  • Hiatus rules have been refined to restrict access to certain features and Breakdowns that are released while on hiatus.

Released 1/31/17

  • Preference has been adjusted to include a custom email address when sending a pitch link.

Released 1/25/17

  • Transgender check box has been added to actor profiles and client searches. 

Released 1/10/17

Released 1/4/17

  • “Casting Books” has been renamed to “Breakdown Folders.”

Released 12/20/16

  • Added copyright text to Breakdowns.

  • Added top heading information to forwarded audition notifications.

  • Made some improvements to the Creative Index integration.

Released 12/15/16

  • Made “Booked Out” clients available to be submitted and added indications when they are booked out.

Released 12/14/16

  • New promotional slides have been added to homepage.

  • Launched The Creative Index with free access for all TR users and a button on homepage linking them together.

Released 12/06/16

  • Recovered link to Screenplay Online from Resources menu.

  • Added Watermark to Eco Cast videos.

Released 12/01/16

  • Five file limit in Eco Cast invitations has been removed.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Ad Blocker plug in on client management pages is now fixed.

Released 11/29/16

  • Regional Breakdown release notifications have been added.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with the size of the audition response notes box has been resolved.

Released 11/17/16

  • Added print function for folders.

  • Divided active and removed clients in Talent Reports.

Released 11/15/16

  • The option to "Use Last Saved Note” has been readded on top of the 5 saved notes.

Released 11/10/16

  • Fail-safe added to prevent user from removing all of their clients at once.

  • Removed scroll bar in audition notice for notes from Casting.

  • Submitted photo has been added to audition notice when forwarded through the site to client’s Actors Access account.

Released 10/27/16

  • How to on the following items available here:
    • Added options to edit thumbnail photos and reorder clients’ pictures.
    • Added “Direct Submit” toggle to forwarded Eco Cast Invitations.
    • Increased available saved submission notes to 5 per client.
    • Made Eco Cast Invitations forwarded by the rep to Actors Access free to upload and transmit.

Released 10/19/16

  • Disabled the ability to edit Eco Cast Submission Notes after the audition has been submitted.

Released 10/13/16

  • Added button in Eco Cast Invitation cMails to link directly to invitation.

  • Implemented new Breakdownservices.com home and about pages.

Released 10/6/16

  • How to on the following item available here.
    • Ability to edit instructions from the Casting Director when forwarding audition notices to actors added.

Released 9/28/16

  • Button to forward auditions to actors updated to read “Forward Audition to Actors.”

  • Removed VCN and the Online Store from Breakdownservices.com.

  • Bug Fix:

    •  The pushpin icon displaying for submissions with notes has been fixed.

Released 9/22/16

  • First Name and Last Name fields have been added to Talent Report searches.

Released 9/13/16

  • One page resume links will now be marked as “deactivated” when clients are removed.

Released 9/9/16

  • Updated contact information for Vancouver office.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Issue with notifications to actors when forwarding Eco Cast auditions to Casting has been resolved.

Released 9/8/16

  • Bug Fix:
    • Issue with notification when client has been removed from an Eco Cast invitation has been fixed.

Released 9/6/16

  • How-to on the following items available here.
  • Option to include notes with an Eco Cast submission added.
    • Option to rename Eco Cast media added.
    • A number of bugs in Eco Cast fixed.

Released 8/30/16

  • Booked Out and Removed clients have been added to Talent Report search results.

  • “Email & Link to” tab now relabeled as “Pitch and Email”.

Released 8/16/16

  • Approval process for photos has been removed.

Released 8/9/16

  • How-to on the following item available here.
    • Ability to respond to a request for a Size Card added.

Released 8/3/16

  • How-to on the following items available here.
    • Submitting Agent column added to Talent Reports
    • Ability to remove previously uploaded logo added.
    • Eco Cast invitation list now sorts with earliest deadline at the top.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Issue responding to schedule requests has been fixed.

Released 7/14/16

  • EMC (Equity Membership Candidate) union has been added to actor profiles.

Released 6/21/16

  • “Primary Photo” labels now changed to “Default Photo.”

Released 6/15/16

  • cMail Notification emails are now sent on a one-to-one basis, regardless of the “read” status of previous cMail messages.

Released 5/17/16

  • Improvements have been made to Order History search options.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Editing videos into clips fixed.

Released 5/3/16

  • All listed prices edited to indicate they are in US Dollars.

  • Some missing sizes added to the “Children’s Sizes” in the size card.

Released 4/12/16

  • How-to on the following items available here.
    • Option to hide client’s custom profile links added.
    • Direct link from Talent Report to Submission History added.
    • Order History feature added.
    • The electronic submissions column was removed from the list of Breakdowns.

Released 2/3/16

  • How-to on the following item available here.
    • Option to cMail multiple clients from the “Manage Clients” page added.
    • “Select All” option added to the ethnicity search when submitting.

Released 1/12/16

  • How-to on the following items available here.
    • “Inactive Clients” changed to “Booked Out Clients” and “Removed Clients” added.
    • Ability to upload Performance Media and Slateshots for your clients added, as well as a new cart system to pay for the above items at one time.
    • Ability to rotate Printable Photos added.

Released 12/8/15

  • How-to on the following items available here.
    • Ability to filter client roster by nudity preference when submitted added.
    • Option to request clients review and update their Size Card added.
    • Audition Schedule status “Unavailable” changed to “Unavailable for Audition.”
    • ID number field for ACTRA Apprentice added to clients’ profile.

Released 11/6/15

  • ID number fields for ACTRA and SAG/AFTRA added to clients’ profile.

  • Ability to mark basic cMail messages as “unread” added.

Released 10/8/15

  • How-to on the following items available here.
    • Option to include Size Cards when submitting has been added.  
    • Size Cards may now be emailed added.

Released 8/25/15

  • Refinements made to “Coogan’s Law” and “Work Permit” fields for minors in clients’ profiles.

  • Ability to edit the note from Casting when forwarding an Eco Cast invitation to your clients added.

  • Breakdown Express homepage has been redesigned.

Released 7/14/15

  • Video uploader on Eco Cast improved to automatically rotate sideways and upside-down videos.

  • Ability to review submitted Eco Cast videos after the deadline has passed added.

Released 4/21/15

  • Ability to upload a logo added to the Preferences page.

Released 3/31/15

  • Filter to view only clients missing Performance Media added to the Manage Clients page.

Released 3/17/15

  • SlateShot player has been replaced with an HTML5 player.

  • Option to hide Student Films now added to the Preferences page.

Released 2/18/15

  • Video encoding services changed to AWS.

  • Rules regarding which profile fields are shared between actor and representatives have been refined.

Released 1/27/15

Released 11/25/14

Released 8/13/14

  • AABP has been added to union options for actors’ profiles.

Released 5/13/14

  • Bounced emails will no longer prevent account access, but still inform the user of the problem.

Released 3/11/14

  • Photo uploader has been replaced and improved.

Released 2/18/14

  • Display and editing of self-imposed Eco Cast deadlines now added to the Eco Cast Invitation.

  • Bug with client roster check boxes has been fixed.

Released 1/28/14

  • “Pending” column has been added to the list of current Eco Cast invitations.

  • Option to set a time as well as a date for your clients in Eco Cast invitations added.

Released 1/8/14

  • Pagination has been added to the “Manage Clients” page.

  • SlateShots now added to tabbed resumes.

Released 12/17/13

  • Current and Archived schedules and Eco Cast invitations re-organized under new “Auditions” menu.

Released 12/3/13

  • Folders feature now added to Manage Clients page.

  • SlateShots have been added to one-page resumes.

Released 10/15/13

  • Option to “Re-Message All” added to sent cMails.

Released 9/4/13

  • Profile fields regarding minors and citizenship have been moved from “Size Card” page to “General Details” page.

  • Universal login now added to Breakdownservices.com.

Released 7/23/13

  • SlateShot player has been added to clients’ profile pages.  

Released 5/20/13

  • Fields regarding disabilities have now been added to actor profiles.

  • Photo upload size limit has been increased to 20mb.

Released 4/9/13

  • Print option in Casting Books has been removed.

Released 12/11/12

  • Breakdown titles in cMails now link to that Breakdown.

Released 11/13/12

  • Actors’ Performance Video order now set to match order specified by the Actors Access account.

Released 9/18/12

  • Notification emails now being sent to Casting Directors when you request time changes.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Sending cMail drafts now fixed.

Released 7/24/12

  • “SAG” and “AFTRA” unions now merged to “SAG-AFTRA”.

Released 6/26/12

  • Google Ads have been implemented across all sites.

Released 4/25/12

  • A notification will be sent when a client has already been submitted to a role by another agent within the company.

  • Technical improvements have been made to client searching process when submitting on Breakdowns.

  • Bug Fix:

    • Creating folders in cMail issue now fixed.

Released 9/7/11

  • Height options increased to 8’0”.

  • Eco Cast uploader now improved to use Zencoder encoding and Amazon Cloud storage.