In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively update and install the latest version of the BlackMagic drivers. Make sure your computer is updated to the latest operating system (Sierra or High Sierra) and your Eco Cast is updated as well. To get started though, you may want to visit the BlackMagic Support site in order to view the latest drivers here

Downloading and Updating The Driver

1) First, you want to make sure you click "Capture and Playback" to view the latest Software Update in the  "Latest Downloads" section on the website. To download the latest version (Desktop Video 10.11.2), click "Mac OS X".

2) Do not fill out the form - just click "Download Only". Once you click that, your file will begin downloading.

3) Once it finishes downloading, open the "" file. You should then see a "Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Macintosh_10.11.2.dmg" file in your Downloads folder, and open that.

4) Now you can begin setting it up. Click the "Install Desktop Video 10.11.2" icon to begin the installation.

5) You will now be brought to the Introduction segment of the installation process. Click "Continue" to proceed.

6) After the Introduction, you'll be brought to the "Read Me" portion of the process. You can read all the information regarding the software, save it for later, or print it. Click "Continue" to proceed.

7) Next, you'll view the License segment of the installation. You can opt to save or print this information as well, otherwise you can click "Continue". You will be asked to agree to the terms before you can proceed. Click "Agree" to continue.

8) In the "Installation Type" field, you will now begin the installation. You can change the install location if you are using an external hard drive or source other than your computer that you're working off of, but the default will be "Macintosh HD". Click "Install" to continue.

9) Once the installation is complete, the software will prompt you to restart your computer in order to complete the update. If you are ready to restart the computer, click "Restart".