The Eco Cast Desktop app is now available for iPad. Using this app will allow you to organize, record, and upload videos entirely on your Ipad device in a streamlined all-in-one system.

Getting Started 

1) Download Eco Cast from the App Store for free.

                     -Note: Do not Download Eco Cast Assist. That is a check-in companion App for the Mac OS Version.

1) Launch Eco Cast. Your Username and password  will be the same used for logging into your Breakdown Express account.

2) Select from this page which Eco Cast you would like to start a session on. You should have already created on from the Breakdown Express Site.

You can choose between two lists of Eco Casts: New Eco Casts to begin a new session based off an Eco Cast made from the Breakdown Express site, or Started Eco Casts   to continue a session you've already started on your iPad.

Running Your Audition

3) Add an actor to the audition by tapping their profile from the list and dragging it into the open space on the right. Each drag will create a new audition once you drag.

4) Press the "Record Audition" Button at the top of the page to begin an audition session.

5)  Click Open Camera to go into the recording mode.

Click on the three dots to open up additional settings.

The pop will give you the option to take a photo or record a slate shot for the actor.

6) Hit the red circle to begin recording your audition. Hit it again to stop recording and go back to the previous page. 

     On the left-hand side is a slider for zooming in and out. 


     Hit the white circle to take a photo.

7) On the audition page click Finish Audition to return to the list of sessions. Tap on the white area to toggle your videos to either Approved or Unapproved.

8) Videos will automatically upload into the Site Eco Cast if they are listed as approved. Click the Upload All Approved button to hold off the automatic upload for later. 

9) Return to the Audition page and press the Record Audition again to move to the next session in queue. 

Managing Auditions

10)   Going back to the previous page, the bottom right corner of the screen will give you the option to Manage Auditions.

Click on this to view all Auditions that currently recorded. 

You will be able to toggle between approving and disapproving audition videos. You will also be able to upload any videos not currently uploaded by clicking Upload All.

Adding an Actor

  Your list of Actors will normally be who you add from your Eco Cast on Breakdown Express, but you can add additional actors into your schedule.

1) Go to the bottom of the page and click the person and gear icon. Click Add actor to begin.

2) Type the full name of the actor into the search bar and click search. 

3) Choose the actor from the list of results. Otherwise choose a Custom Actor to make a profile for someone not on Actor's Access or Breakdown Services. Choose which Agency to add the Actor under.

4) Select the Role you wish to add the actor under and click done. The actor will now be added to your Eco Cast list.