In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a SlateShot to each of your clients' photos. A SlateShot is a quick, seven second video you can add for an Actor that is connected to a photo and can help add personality to a submission.  

Adding SlateShots to Clients' Photos

1) To view your clients, click on "Manage Clients," from the "Clients," drop down menu, then click on the Actor you wish to select.

2) In the "Manage Photos,"  tab, click on the photo you want associated with the SlateShot and then click on "Add SlateShot."

3) In the next window, click "Browse" and choose the video to upload from your computer. Once you've made your selection, click "Upload."

4) After you've uploaded your video, click on "Add SlateShot to Cart," to proceed to your cart. From there you can check out your items and complete your purchase. Click here for guidance on using the cart. Keep in mind you're allowed five total free SlateShots for all of your clients. Any additional SlateShot after that is $5 USD each.

Managing SlateShots

1) To manage a SlateShot after you've already added it to a photo, go to the "Manage Photos," tab and click "Manage SlateShot," in one of your client's photos.

2) In the "Manage SlateShot," view, you can click "Change SlateShot," to swap out your current SlateShot, remove the SlateShot, or play it.

Note: Removing a current SlateShot and uploading a new one will count towards your five free SlateShots or will result in a $5 USD charge if the five free have been used up.  

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