As of January 11, 2018, Breakdown Services has improved the feature set for Eco Cast.  The clients to whom you send Eco Cast presentation links are now able to leave feedback and mark their favorites directly on the link.  Then, you can see their responses in your Eco Cast page.

How it Works

Share an Eco Cast with one or more collaborators.  Click here for instructions on sharing your client link.

Your clients will then be able to click one of the actors to start playing their audition.

While watching, they can click the "Feedback" button to show the feedback panel on the right side.

Then, in that panel, they can type a message under "Add notes for Feedback" and click "Save".  Or, they can click the thumbs up button to pick this actor as a favorite.

Then, back on your side of the Eco Cast, you can see the thumbs and comments right next to each actor.  Just click an actor on the left to see the feedback in the lower right.  Or, use the new filters on the left to only view actors with feedback.

Click these links for details on additional feature improvements: