As of January 11, 2018, Breakdown Services has improved the feature set for Eco Cast.  Auditions that are recorded as a group of actors, rather than as individuals, are now uploaded and shown with the group.  Additionally, when using the Eco Cast Desktop audition session management app, you are now able to take a group picture to be included with the group audition.

The New Way

To see how the group auditions will display, first click "Preview Presentation".

Notice that each group can now have a group picture displayed in the top right.  Now, click one of the actors in the group.

Notice how the group photos and auditions display in the top section and the first clip starts playing automatically.  And, any unique videos for each actor display in the lower section.

While the audition is playing, click the "Actor Details' button for any actor in that group to view their profile info in the sidebar on the right.

Click these links for details on additional feature improvements: