As of January 11, 2018, Breakdown Services has improved the feature set for Eco Cast Client Links.  As such, the work flow for creating sub-groups of actors in your Eco Cast has changed.  See below for a reference to the old way, and instructions on the new way of doing that.

The Old Way

Within an Eco Cast, check off the actors you want in a custom link, then click "Create Custom Client Link".

Enter a title and click "Continue".

Then, go to the "Custom Client Links" tab to preview, edit, and share the link with your client.

The Problem

The link you create and the options to customize it are buried behind a separate tab, so it hard to know if you're sharing the correct link.  And previewing what you've done is buried even further.

The New Way

With the new design all customization and management of your presentation is on the Client Link itself.  So, to create and share custom links, first click "Preview Presentation".

Now, click the "Menu" button in the top right, and choose "Create New".

Enter a title and click "Continue".

Now, click the circle next to "Select" under the actors you want added to the custom link, then click "Done" in the top right.

You are now looking at the actual custom presentation you will be sharing.  And you can customize and share it just like the default presentation.

Click these links for details on additional feature improvements: