As of January 11, 2018, Breakdown Services has improved the feature set for Eco Cast Client Links.  As such, the work flow for customizing how your clients see your Eco Casts has changed.  See below for a reference to the old way, and instructions on the new way of doing that.

The Old Way

Within an Eco Cast, you would click the "Client View Info" tab.

Then, make your changes and click "Save".

The Problem

You cannot see the effect of your changes without clicking a separate preview button.  It requires going back and forth to get everything configured the right way.

The New Way

With the new design, all customization and management of your presentation is on the Client Link itself.  So, to customize your Client Link settings, first click "Preview Presentation".

This shows you exactly what your client will see when you share it.  Now, click "Settings" in the top right.

Then, make the necessary changes, like hiding actors who don't have media, including the print log, or allowing downloading of media.  Keep scrolling down for security options like password protection and expiration dates as well.  Click "Save" to lock in your changes.

Click these links for details on additional feature improvements: