Follow these steps to create an Actors Access account. 

  1. To start, follow this link to register for free:  
  2. Then fill out your name, and confirm whether you are over the age of 18.
  3. If you are represented and your talent representative has already created an account for you, you will find the existing account under your name. If the account referenced is not you, click “Previous” to include a middle name or initial. If it is you, click “continue to next step”. You will need your rep to provide you with your Actor ID number (your rep can access this number in the Manage Clients section of their account. When they click on your name, the number will be presented at the top of your actor profile).
  4. If there are no matches in our system, on the next page you will need to confirm your Name is spelled correctly and click “Next”
  5. Now, fill out the following form, including desired username, email address, gender, birthdate and your geographic region. Please note, your actual birthdate or age will not display to Casting Directors if you are over 18. To finish click “next”.
  6. That’s it! You will now receive an email with your login name and temporary password.
  7. Lastly, we recommend the first thing you do is change your password to something more memorable. To do this, log into with your temporary password, then click “view your account”. Enter a new password and click “save”. 

Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to register for Actors Access: